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Health ( Food and Nutrition , Life and Well Being )

Five Non-Dairy Smoothies You Will Love

Written By: Levita Galinsky Do you drink healthy, nondairy smoothies? When it comes to living a healthy balanced lifestyle, smoothie-drinking has become one of the...
bad breath

Cause of Bad Breath and How to Prevent It

Do you have bad breath in the mornings and on occasion during the day?  Do you not know  the cause or how to get...


Speed dating questions

Here are Top 10 Speed Dating Questions to Ask

Top 10 speed dating questions to ask What are your top 10 speed dating questions to ask? We live in a fast paced society and...

Connection vs. Attraction in Relationships

Relationships are all about attraction and connection. People may fall in love at the drop of a hat. Whether you fall in love between traffic...

Get Fit ( Running , Yoga )

workout device

Skip The Gym With These Cool Workout Devices

Written By:  Levita Galinsky When it comes to working out and staying fit, there are always unique and practical workout devices you can easily buy...
running safety tips

Safety Tips for Outside Runners

Written By:  Gabrielle Pfeiffer Going for a run is so good for the body and mind that most people don’t think about the bad things...

Wight Loss

Weight loss

Getting Back On Track After A Cheat Meal- or Day

After losing an extreme amount of weight over a year and a half, people made some assumptions about me. I got dubbed “the healthy...
Marilyn Monroe diet

Did Marilyn Monroe Create The Atkins Diet?

When you think of Marilyn Monroe, what comes to mind:  singing happy birthday to President Kennedy, tales of love affairs, busty blond bombshell photos,...


DIY Natural skincare

DIY Natural Skincare Products to Add To Your Pantry

  DIY Natural Skincare Products The Environmental Working Group estimates that women use up to 12 skincare products a day, containing a combined total of 168...
Hard Candy

Shady Lady! Hard Candy Introduces Fierce Effect Lipstick Line

Hot Lips from Hard Candy Hard Candy, the cosmetics line that always makes a bold statement is making their latest lipstick line its fiercest one yet....

Fashion ( Designers , Style )

The Most Popular Fashion Brands Millennials Love

Millennials are the fastest growing demographic and markets are responding, especially retail. Gen-Y now exceeds baby boomers by 5 million as of April 2016....
Sustainable fashion

What You Need to Know About Sustainable Fashion Brands

  Sustainable fashion is basically about knowing where your clothing is made, who makes it and what it is made from. Fashion brands that are...


Smurf latte

Have you Heard of this Hip Vegan Blue Latte?

Smurf Latte Straight from Land Down Under It looks like a blueberry slurpee, and sorta comes in the same cup too! But surprise: it's a latte!...
Hot Coffee

New Study Finds Very Hot Coffee Is “Probably” Carcinogenic

Why You Should Cool Down Your Coffee Mug Headlines were dropping jaws across the world Wednesday, when the WHO released new information that deemed hot coffee "probably"...

Hot and Tasty Alternatives To Coffee

Hot coffee is your standard choice of drink on any given morning whether you are heading to work, just waking up, or are in the process of working. It is a quick, strong, and...
Losing Weight

The Secret To Losing Weight For Good- It Is a Mindset

Every ad and billboard you pass on the street promises to reveal to you the “secret” of losing weight. People pay big bucks to try and lose the extra pounds, but often times it...

Carry a Little Whimsy- by Kate Spade

A structured black purse is so serious. However, who says you can't mean business when toting around a purse that looks like a radio? Or a black swan? Why not have fun with our...

A fresh take on florals for spring

Flowers for spring? How avant-garde! Ok, floral prints are nothing new. However by changing up the colors and silhouettes it's easy to breath new life into (and dare we say even toughen up) this...

How Long Does It Take to Get Out of Shape?

We know the benefits of working out and eating right, but for some reason, we never act upon our knowledge. Doctors, nutritionists, and our loved ones have repeatedly told us to take care of...
Easy ways to boost your metabolism

Easy ways to boost your metabolism

By: Levita Galinsky Our metabolism is set up to help us feel our best, work at our best energy level, and inspire us to inspire others when it is working at an optimal level....

Supplements That Help Boost Energy & Digestion

Basic supplements are a great temporary addition to your diet if you need to boost your energy or maximize digestion. Let’s face it, when you have a perfectly balanced diet filled with lots of...
foot reflexology

How Foot Reflexology Can Help You Relax

At the end of a long work day you just want to come home, unwind, and get fully relaxed in order to get a good night’s sleep. The typical choices for releasing stress or...
2016 coffee trends to watch

2016 coffee trends to watch

If you're anything like me, coffee plays a VERY important role in your life. You can't function without your morning cup of Joe, and work is just "counting hours" between your next sip of...
Coco Rocha's

Coco Rocha’s New fashion line Co+Co by Coco Rocha

Model Coco Rocha is more than just a pretty face. She's been the spokesperson for countless world-famous beauty and fashion campaigns. She's walked the runway for designers aplenty. She's tackled the role of television...

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