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Health ( Food and Nutrition , Life and Well Being )

Red Clover Tea

Why You Should Drink Red Clover Tea- Health Benefits

Have you ever heard about red clover tea? Drinking tea is a common way to release tension, improve your mood, and increase metabolism. Red...
Ninja Warrior

Diet Secrets of a Ninja Warrior: Graff Tells All

The world watched in awe as Jessie Graff recently swept through the super-sized obstacle course on American Ninja Warrior. With the grace and speed...


healthy argument

Secret to a healthy argument in your relationship or marriage 

Written By: Levita Galinsky Do you know how to properly manage a healthy argument in your marriage or relationship? Conflict is a natural occurrence within...
Speed dating questions

Here are Top 10 Speed Dating Questions to Ask

Top 10 speed dating questions to ask What are your top 10 speed dating questions to ask? We live in a fast paced society and...

Get Fit ( Running , Yoga )

Workout for the business traveler

6 Amazing Tips for Staying in Shape If You Are a...

Many people say that the workforce is changing.  The advents of videoconference, virtualization of the office, BYOD, and the beloved WFH Friday's are reportedly...

Top 7 Fitness Trends Making The Waves This Year

Does your favorite trend make our list? The world of fitness and health is always changing! What's in style one year is often out within...

Wight Loss

Alternative detox

3 Alternative Detox Plans to Juice Cleanses

Juicing is not for everyone- check out these alternative detox plans Juice cleanses tend to go through periods of popularity as people look for new...

Here is Why You Should Rotate to a Raw Diet

Written by:  Levita Galinsky Have you ever considered rotating to a raw diet? Do you generally pay attention to your daily diet habits? We try...


ear candles

Here Is What You Need To Know About Ear Candles

Do you need to relieve some stress all the while getting a mind-body relaxation session? Consider ear candles. The art of ear candling can...
DIY Natural skincare

DIY Natural Skincare Products to Add To Your Pantry

  DIY Natural Skincare Products The Environmental Working Group estimates that women use up to 12 skincare products a day, containing a combined total of 168...

Fashion ( Designers , Style )

Fall Fashion Must Haves! Any of These in Your Closet?

Written By Levita Galinsky Fall is here and that means that you need to know all the latest and greatest fall fashion must-haves for a...
Model with Disability

Models with Disability Walking the Runway at New York Fashion Week

We no longer need to hide in the shadows and as more and more people with disabilities are seen in fashionable apparel, the more...


Smurf latte

Have you Heard of this Hip Vegan Blue Latte?

Smurf Latte Straight from Land Down Under It looks like a blueberry slurpee, and sorta comes in the same cup too! But surprise: it's a latte!...
Hot Coffee

New Study Finds Very Hot Coffee Is “Probably” Carcinogenic

Why You Should Cool Down Your Coffee Mug Headlines were dropping jaws across the world Wednesday, when the WHO released new information that deemed hot coffee "probably"...
Fish Oil

Ever Wonder What Fish Oil Does For Your Health?

Over the last several years, there have been dozens of studies on the benefits of fish oils and omega-3 oils.  As we all aim to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, it is beneficial...

A fresh take on florals for spring

Flowers for spring? How avant-garde! Ok, floral prints are nothing new. However by changing up the colors and silhouettes it's easy to breath new life into (and dare we say even toughen up) this...
Sustainable fashion

What You Need to Know About Sustainable Fashion Brands

  Sustainable fashion is basically about knowing where your clothing is made, who makes it and what it is made from. Fashion brands that are sustainable have better production methods.  They use less water and...

5 Ways Sneakers Can Elevate Your Look

Sneakers are an unanticipated twist on an outfit. The shoe adds an edge no other shoe can. It gives off an effortless cool girl vibe. Flats are cute and heels are pretty, but the...
Yoga meditation

Are Yoga and Meditation the Key to Living a Longer Life?

Yoga and Meditation You've heard people joke how being stressed makes you a decade older. Scientists have now linked the stress of a fast-paced, professional lifestyle and urban air pollution with causing wrinkles and other...

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