Monday, October 24, 2016
Chocolate bar

5 Quality Chocolate Brands- The Healthier Options

We all love and crave chocolate bars at times and it is truly one of the best pleasures of life.  However, we're all concerned...

Flu Fighting Veggies, Add To Your Diet

Flu season is coming and the CDC is stressing that you get vaccinated. They say that 50,000 Americans have died of the flu in...
Workout for the business traveler

6 Amazing Tips for Staying in Shape If You Are a...

Many people say that the workforce is changing.  The advents of videoconference, virtualization of the office, BYOD, and the beloved WFH Friday's are reportedly...

Top 7 Fitness Trends Making The Waves This Year

Does your favorite trend make our list? The world of fitness and health is always changing! What's in style one year is often out within...
Alternative detox

3 Alternative Detox Plans to Juice Cleanses

Juicing is not for everyone- check out these alternative detox plans Juice cleanses tend to go through periods of popularity as people look for new...

Here is Why You Should Rotate to a Raw Diet

Written by:  Levita Galinsky Have you ever considered rotating to a raw diet? Do you generally pay attention to your daily diet habits? We try...
Tattooed Eyebrows

New Beauty Trend: Semi-Permanent Tattooed Eyebrows

  It seems like everyday there’s a new beauty trend making waves.  This time, it's semi-permanent eyebrows! Recently I was drawn to raise an eyebrow when I...
Skin secrets

Skin Care Secrets From Around the World

Little-Known Beauty Secrets from Around the World Different corners of the world have different concepts of what it means to be beautiful and they nurture...
Love Bravery

Lady Gaga and Elton John Collaboration on Macy’s Line Love Bravery

Photo Credit: Lady Gaga and Elton John are two peas in a pod these days, but in reality, they have been for years. Gaga...

Fall Fashion Must Haves! Any of These in Your Closet?

Written By Levita Galinsky Fall is here and that means that you need to know all the latest and greatest fall fashion must-haves for a...

Why you should consider yoga regardless of your age

There is no doubt yoga is gaining more popularity by the day.  But who should consider it?  Can you benefit from this form of exercise regardless of your age? How good of a shape do...
Semi-permanent eyelashes

Everything You Need To Know About Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

It takes us women long enough to apply makeup in the morning, let alone do our hair. So who’s not looking for a way to save some time in front of the mirror? For...
work life balance

Work life balance- latest research

We love flexibility in our days, in our lives, and even having more control of when we want to be productive and not.   A new study published from the American Psychological Association’s Center for...
Losing Weight

The Secret To Losing Weight For Good- It Is a Mindset

Every ad and billboard you pass on the street promises to reveal to you the “secret” of losing weight. People pay big bucks to try and lose the extra pounds, but often times it...

6 Myths About Protein You Need to Know

Protein: Debunking the Myths Most of us have had the importance of protein pointed out since we were children. It was touted as the basis of a good diet that would build strong bones and...

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Like what you're reading? Get our weekly newsletter written by experts on health, nutrition, weight-loss, beauty and fashion topics.
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