Want to know her secret? You know, the woman who looks like she never ages, doesnt even know what stress is, and must get at least 10 hours a sleep each night. We all know the one. Shes the one who never gets sick and bounds into the office with the energy of a five year old.

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What if I told you that its not just luck or good genes? What if I told you the secret to her amazing physique and ageless beauty is actually weight lifting? You might call me crazy but after reading these mind blowing stats about women who lift weights, youll be running to the free section at your next visit to the gym.

1. Weight Lifting is the Anti-Aging Superhero

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All women want to know how to look younger, or at least slow down the aging process somehow. Well, according to Sarah Richards at Fitness Magazine, Resistance training helps women fight the aging process by maintaining lean muscle tissue. And who doesnt want to look a little leaner?

2. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Fitness Magazine also touts the statement that Women who lift weights regularly have better self-esteem. Who knew that the key to confidence in the board room could be found at your local gym? We could all use a little self-esteem boost and weight lifting could be just the thing we need to add to our weekly calendar.

3. Fight the Cold Season with Weights

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Weights are the answer to that, too. Richards goes on to say that Women who lift weights get sick less often. I dont know about you, but thats reason enough to get up close and personal with a few more free weights during my next workout session.

4. Women Who Lift Weights Reduce the risk of Diabetes

One of the biggest claims made by Fitness Magazine is that women who lift weights have found [strength] training improves the way the body processes sugar, reducing the risk of diabetes. Far beyond any cosmetic or superficial desire to look good, is managing your health long term. Increasing your bodys ability to work the way it should, is a total game changer.

5. Get Rid of Back Pain for Good

Kendal Boyle at Lifting Revolution says that Strength training has shown to alleviate back pain in 80% of people suffering lower back pain, especially when liting in conjunction with visiting a lower back pain chiropractor. Everyone has suffered from back pain at one point in their lives or another (and if you havent, you certainly will eventually). Stave off the inevitable and increase your physical quality of life by adding a few extra reps.

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6. Burn Calories in Your Sleep

Boyle goes on to say that After a weight training workout is completed, women on average, burn an extra 100 calories in the 24 hours post workout. Did you catch that? You can burn 100 extra calories doing absolutely nothing. Do you need a better incentive?

7. Weight Lifting Can Do What Aerobic Exercise Can Do, Too

Lacie Glover at US News, Health says that Studies have provided evidence that weight training has similar effects on blood pressure and cholesterol as aerobic exercise. If youre worried that weight lifting wont be able to give you the same results as cardio, relax. There are plenty of studies out there that show results just like this one.

8. Weight Lift to Take Control of Your Mental Health

US News, Health adds that Studies link weightlifting to lower anxiety and better overall mental health. Its not all about that sexy beach body (although that doesnt hurt). Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. And if you can benefit both things with one workout, why not?

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9. Lift like a Girl and Sleep like a Baby

Another amazing benefit, according to The Telegraph, is that you will sleep better as a result of a regular weight lifting routine. We all know how important sleep is, just as we all know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s rest, so ensuring that you have the relevant comfy sleep equipment. Anything that helps you improve shut-eye time, is worth trying.

10. Lift the Weights and Ditch the Stress

One women weight lifter, according to TIME, says she felt far less stressed out after starting a regular weight lifting regimen. You might think you dont have time to work out, but do you have time to burn out? Stress can derail even the best career and personal life. Why not carve out some time invest in yourself and preserve all the hard work you do?

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Do you have a regular weight lifting routine? How did you get started? Share in the comments below!

Feature photo: Androu De Vera / Courtesy of GIRLS WHO LIFT