Looking for things to do when you’re bored?

Let’s face it, we all get bored every now and again. No one wants to sit around and twiddle their thumbs and do nothing. So, how can you productively handle your boredom? What are productive things to do when you’re bored? Let’s explore ways to turn your boredom into enjoyment. One way of curing boredom is to consider finding a game to play. There are so many online games that people could use, such as online casino games. By visiting best-casino.net, people can find some recommended casino sites to visit. Hopefully, this will entertain some people for a while. After a while, some people might decide to be productive and do something else. Here’s a list of some things you could do.

Create a to-do list today and everyday

When was the last time you made a to-do list for yourself? This kind of activity directly prioritizes your day to day scheduling and additionally helps you stay on top of things. So when you are bored, consider this helpful strategy. Every task that is completed can be crossed out and when a new one comes to mind, simply add it to the list. Write down your important dates and meetings so you stay on top of your schedule. Bored or not, this is a perfect way to stay organized.

Eliminate clutter

Clutter and boredom go hand in hand. When clutter is hanging around in your home, office, or even in your mind, you can feel cloudy and not generally excited to do anything. A friend has told me that they decided to use long term storage providers for a major declutter which refreshed her mind and allowed her to focus on tasks that were more pressing. Even when you might want to be productive, the clutter can be in your way, both literally and figuratively speaking. So, if there is clutter surrounding your office or home space, take care of this first. Clean it up! Throw out things you have not used in over a year such as old books from your bookshelf or clothes from your dresser drawer. Bring in some friends to help speed up the process (housecleaning included). Finally, you will eliminate the clutter from your mind as a final byproduct. When the clutter is removed, you will be more energized to enjoy your time, do productive things, and avoid the vicious cycle of boredom.

Go dancing and/or singing

things to do when you're boredGet your creatively artistic juices flowing. We tend to get bored when our creative energy is just not being properly utilized. So, go to a ballroom dance class or a karaoke bar and let loose! When you are singing and moving around, you release excess stress and improve your mood. This doesn’t only remove boredom but additionally adds a sense of fun to your life. So, if you’re looking for things to do when you’re bored, go ahead and belt out a song!

Start journaling

As kids many of us had journals as a way to honestly express our thoughts and emotions. Now, we should return to this habit as a healthy way to stay balanced emotionally and mentally. Plus, when you are bored, it gives you a chance to unwind and release any thoughts in an authentically direct and honest way. Write a poem, a short story, etc. Just keep writing and do it daily to practice expression, gratitude, and productivity.

Create a meal plan for the week

Do you generally create meals ahead of time? This can really be a productively great activity to partake in especially when you are bored. Bustle.com suggests that, “Preparing your meals for the entire week requires: planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and storing your food. If you have a free Sunday with zero plans and you’re itching to do something, I’d highly recommend preparing your meals for the week ahead.”

Read a good book

things to do when you're boredThere are so many genres of books out there for you to grab and experience. First think of a topic you actually desire reading. Is it travel, mystery, romance, etc.? Find what gives you pleasure in terms of wanting to learn something in a deeper fashion. Then go ahead and read! You don’t have to purchase a whole series of novels which might cost lots of money. Go to your neighborhood library and start checking out books one at a time. Or perhaps an EBook might be the book for you if want a digital version. Overall, reading a good book that fascinates you is a fantastic way to improve your knowledge and hop off the boredom platform to enter into a productive train where books are all the rage.

Spend a moment with your loved ones

I get it. Our lives are hectic and we are super busy. But don’t forget your roots, your connections, and your loyalty to the people who raised you and were there for you during your dark times. Go visit them, or call them (Skype is a great alternative if you can’t physically be there in person). Gather with them and interact, make jokes, tell stories, and try to create unity. That bonding is so special and both you and your loved ones will truly appreciate it.

Improve a skill set

Is there something you’ve always wanted to be good at it? If you find yourself bored fairly often, then this might be the perfect time to pick up that guitar you’ve always wanted to learn how to play or teach yourself how to make sourdough bread. Perhaps you have a skill set that you simply want to improve to the point that you can begin to turn it into a business and make money from doing something you love. For example, maybe you’re an expert gamer and you feel ready to become a game booster for your favorite game, Dota. This means that you can get paid to play the game in place of beginner players who need to get past a certain level (take a look at dota mmr boost if this is something you’re interested in doing). Whatever the skill is, it’s better to enhance it now while you’re bored than trying to make time for it in your otherwise busy life.

Bath time

When you’re totally irritable and bored, hop into a relaxing bath with some Epsom salts and essential oils. You will be spending some quality time with yourself and soothing your muscles and mind as well.

Take a walk

things to do when you're boredWhen was the last time you took a really good walk, alone or with a friend? Did you walk past the park and smell the beautiful flowers and leaves? Did you breathe in the natural scents of the air? When you are bored really be in the moment of your walk so that you can fully enjoy it and accept the beautiful atmosphere that you are currently in. You can even work out as you walk. Do a yoga class outdoors or a fun Pilates core workout if you are into that.

Sleep it off

Have you ever taken a small nap that made you feel super refreshed and relaxed? Well, sometimes when you are bored you may just be overly tired. So try a nap here and there once in a while to see if those 10-15 minutes can really add a boost of energy and productivity to your lifestyle. Once you are well rested you will be better able to handle your tasks at hand.

The next time you get overwhelmingly bored, consider doing these 10 aforementioned activities. Get you back on your feet and into a productively organized and happy mindset. One of these things to do when you’re bored would surely fit into your lifestyle.

Feature photo: Caju Gomes / Unsplash


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