Work is testing your limits like never before. You have reached the end of your rope and don’t know how much more you can take. You’ve been looking at resources like the chad kimball google maps course that will let you make your own money online and not have to rely on your 9-5. It’s more than just a bad day and you know eventually something will have to give. But how do you know when its time to quit? Check out these 10 signs and consider if its time to quit your job. Dig out and dust off that resume of yours.

1. You dread going to work every day

If every day feels like a Monday, it might be time assess your situation. Its normal to have a bad day and not feel like going to work. But when you feel that way every day, things can take a negative turn really quickly. Be sure to evaluate why you feel that way. Exactly who or what is it that you are dreading? Consider whether or not there is a viable solution.

2. You are not motivated to get anything accomplished

Do you find yourself procrastinating on even the most mundane tasks and not really caring whether or not the work gets done? According to a recent Gallup poll, only 33% of employees feel they are engaged in their jobs. This disconnect creates a work environment in which people dont have a passion for their work or a vision for their future in the company. This often leaves employees unmotivated, frustrated, and not very productive.

3. The constant stress is starting to affect your health

All jobs tend to be stressful from time to time, but when that stress is continuous and unchecked, it can begin to affect your health. According to Dr. Reena Pande, a cardiologist, some signs that stress might be affecting you physically are a change in sleep habits, difficulty concentrating, a change in eating habits, palpitations or chest discomfort, and lowered energy. Its important to take care of yourself and address any of these issues you see present. You should always lodge a mental illness claim if you are a victim of constant mental or physical work stress put upon you by your employer. You may also want to take time off or seek Compensation For Stress caused due to work pressure.

4. You are bored and there is no more room for advancement

Maybe you find yourself at work often with no work to do because you’re already caught up and there’s nothing left. Maybe you start to play online games or indulging in casinos that provide some entertainment and stimulation for your brain. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in the year 2021 or 2121, or what advancements have happened, stagnation can creep up anytime. Not being productive at work need not only mean you’re slacking off, it could just mean that there’s nothing left for you to learn there. Sometimes it is as simple as being bored. If you are overqualified for your job or have advanced as far as you can, you might begin to lose interest and crave a more challenging position. Considering ways to broaden the scope of your job, if possible, can help. And certainly discussing options with your boss is a good idea. But if youve reached the end of the road in your current role, it might be time to start looking at other opportunities.

5. Youre dealing with a toxic work environment

You might love the work you do but struggle with the people you work with (or for). Dont underestimate the difficulty of working in a toxic work environment. You spend the majority of your day with your co-workers. When those relationships are negative, it can begin to take its toll. If youre unsure whether or not your work environment is toxic, check out this article from Forbes, 5 Signs Youre in a Toxic Workplace.

6. There is a lack of open communication with your boss or management

Whether you are dealing with all of these issues or just a few, it is vital that you are able to discuss it with your boss or management. If you have tried to talk to your boss but feel unheard, dismissed, or shut down, you can be sure there is a definite problem. When leadership refuses to listen, they are perpetuating the problems and not allowing for resolution. This is usually a lose-lose situation for you as the employee.

7. You have to compromise your values

In an ideal world, your values would align with that of the company and your employer would never suggest you do anything to compromise that. Since we dont live in a perfect world, we know there are times when ethical questions arise and we are forced to make a choice. If you ever feel pressured (or just down right directed) to compromise your values, take it as a huge sign that this might not be the best place for you.

8. There is no more enjoyment in the work or workplace

If your job has lost the excitement it once had, it can be challenging to find happiness at work. Maybe there has been a shift in management, your work team has changed, or youve just out grown your position. Whatever the cause, know that it is important for your overall well-being to find at least some level of enjoyment in your work. If possible, you might want to begin looking at other options that will bring a greater sense of fulfillment.

9. You do not feel you are getting paid fairly

Fair pay is an ongoing problem in todays workforce. Whether its due to the gender wage gap or favoritism in the workplace, feeling like you are not being paid adequately for the work you do is beyond frustrating. Its important to discuss the issue with your employer and possibly negotiate a higher, more fair pay. Otherwise, you guessed it, it might be time to dust off that resume and explore other opportunities.

10. Your personal life is suffering

You are more than your job. You have a life outside of the office and it is just as valuable to you as your work. Its critical that you find a work-life balance that suits your lifestyle. The problem arises when you start to feel like things are out of balance and you just cant help but bring the work stress home with you. At some point you have to decide how much your job is worth and how much you are willing to sacrifice.

If you have googled how to know when its time to quit your job more than once, its probably time to quit your job. But before you go throwing your keys at your boss, consider the importance of leaving your job well (if for nothing else but the sake of your future employment). Create a resume or update your current one, begin looking for other employment opportunities, and make a plan. You might find this Business News Daily article helpful, 10 Ways to Leave Your Job on Good Terms.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Remember to take good care of yourself as you navigate the daunting task of changing jobs or careers!


  1. I can’t agree more! I’ve been talking about this with a friend who definitely hate’s his job; you put everything so well, I’ll definitely be sharing this post with him. Thank you!

  2. I knew it was time to quit my day job after being there for a year. I basically was bored working from home, so I took on an admin position at a local office. I grew to hate it, wasn’t’ motivated and in turn came back home. It was scary but I think if you are not happy, you need to quit the day job and find what will keep you motivated and in turn, making more money!

  3. @Brandy- good for you! I’m glad you’ve been able to find what works best for you. It can be hard, but it sounds like you’re on point!

  4. Totally agree. Those are all good signals that you need to change of workspace. It happened to me in my last work. Now I feel so much better working for myself. It’s harder, yes. But it’s worth it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes! All great reasons to move on! It took a lot of courage for me to quit my last job, my first “big girl job” after college. For a lot of people it seemed like the ideal job in my field, but it was a toxic environment that lead to physical and mental issues. It took me about a year to finally call it quits and about two months after that to fully recover, but now I’m four months out and couldn’t be happier!

  6. Oh my days I’m experiencing over half of these at the moment. I think it’s time to get a move on and start applying for new jobs, there just aren’t a lot of vacancies in my field and in my city at the moment. Wish me luck!

  7. @Magy Yes, it’s important to be aware of the signs. So glad you found your happy place. Good luck!

  8. @Amanda So glad you got out of that toxic environment! That must have been a major stress on you daily. We’re glad you are in a better place.

  9. @Megan Oh no! Yes, perhaps it’s time to dust off that resume. We’ll send you good vibes and wishing you lots of luck in your search.

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