When you?ve spent time sitting in the hot seat and being interrogated (well, interviewed) by a new prospective employee, your nerves can be on edge. The one thing that almost all hiring managers have in common is the poker face during the interview process. You sit there trying your best to find any tiny glimmer of hope that they like you. You hope that your job interview has so far been a successful one and that you?ve got the job. They sit opposite you, giving you zero clues about the fate of the outcome of your job interview. It?s nerve-wrangling!

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It really isn?t uncommon to believe that an interview has gone to pot, when it actually hasn?t. The feeling that you?ve bombed an interview isn?t a particularly good one. However, it is important to realize that interviewers have to hold their judgement until you are out of the room. It?s territorial. They?re hiring you for a business purpose and you could be the very best thing since sliced bread. But, they can?t let on that fact!

job offerYou can never be certain about whether you are about to be offered that golden handshake offering you a new role and a new future. However, there are signs that you can look out for during the course of your interview. These signs can tell you whether they are keen on you. This goes beyond whether you?ve had an enthusiastic conversation about the opportunity to stay in one of their many furnished apartments if you are commuting from far away.

Although you do not know whether you have got the job yet, it is important to think about any potential factors that many end up changing due to accepting this position. For example, your dream job may not be as close to where you live like your last job. You might have to consider the possibility of relocating, which is why it is beneficial to visit professionals such as the essex homes columbia office, if you live in the surrounding area of South Carolina) so they can help assist you in finding the right house for you as you plan on relocating. No matter where you are, it is important to consider something like this. You don’t want to leave it too late.

As with poker, there are certain things you can look out for to know if they are interested in you. Here are 10 of those things that should ring the gong of a job offer in your mind if they crop up:

You?re Asked Back Again

A lot of big companies will have an interview process rather than just one stage of an interview. However, if you have been told the process is one interview and you get asked to come back in, it could mean one of two things. The first is that they love you and they want to introduce you to the big bosses. They need their approval before offering you the job. The second is that there were two or three exceptional candidates and you are one of them. It?s a good sign you?re a serious contender!

They?re Selling Themselves To You

During your interview, you can expect to be asked many questions about yourself and your employment history. If this switches to suddenly telling you all about the company, the perks of working there and what you would be doing in your day to day role, it?s a sure sign that they want to gauge your interest and see whether you would even want to work there in the first place.

Personal Questions Get Asked

For the most part, interviews are fairly formal. Interviewers will know within the first five minutes if you are a yes or a no. If the interview goes on a tangent about personal hobbies, families and personal goals, it shows a deep interest in you. They want to know who you are beyond the resume.

Body LanguageJob offer

Body language is a very powerful thing. You can tell a lot from a person by the way they use their hands and their facial expressions. If your interview is nodding, smiling and relaxed, it?s a good sign that you are about to get that job offer you want.

Interview Extension

If you have been given an allotted time slot of fifteen minutes and you still find yourself there an hour later, you may have a good chance of getting the job. Interviewers make snap judgements on a candidate when they walk in the door, and they decide formally within the first ten minutes. An extended interview indicates an interest in you that could cinch it.

Negotiations Begin

During an interview process, it?s often crass to bring up salary unless the interviewer does it first. If they start talking to you about the package and negotiating a potential salary, this is a green light! Salary and benefits are only usually discussed with serious players in the game.

References & Background Check

An interviewer who is interested in you will go out of their way to conduct a formal state background check like this Arkansas background check or a national check, they might also call around your references. This is one of the last steps a company will take before presenting an offer. So, you can feel pretty secure in that they give you the job. You can get a free background check and show them if you want to help make their lives easier.

Language ?You Will? vs. ?You Would?

Listen out for this one. Saying ?you would? is hypothetical, in that if you got the job this is what you would be doing in the role. If that shifts over to ?you will?, it?s presumptive in that this is what you will be doing when you have the role in the bag. It?s a good sign and you should listen for it during your interview.

Office Tour

During the course of the interview, an interested interviewer may get you to take a walk around the office with them and they may introduce you to the members of the team. At the very least, you?ll meet other members of management. It?s a good way to gauge whether they want you on board.

Gut Feeling

That fizz in your lower stomach that tells you things have gone well is a good indicator of whether you will be getting that wonderful phone call later on. Sometimes a feeling is just a feeling, and sometimes it?s spot on!

A job interview doesn?t have to be a horrific experience. If you go in with confidence and a great smile, you can rule the boardroom and give them every reason to tell you that you have just got the job. Face your fears and nail your role. You’ve got this!

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