Are you an Empowered Woman?

We often read articles that want to empower women, but the term empowerment can sometimes appear too general and abstract. In our daily life, what does empowerment look like? How do we know when a woman is empowered or if she sees herself as an empowered woman?

empowered woman1. She Loves Herself

First, and foremost, an empowered woman loves herself unconditionally. She is aware of her strengths and weaknesses, but she sees the big picture—and she likes what she sees. If she realizes that she doesn’t like something about herself, she works to correct what is wrong or learns how to accept what she can’t change.

2. She Is Comfortable in Her Body

An empowered woman understands that her body is not perfect and likes it anyway. She tries to highlight the best parts of her body when she can, but she is not ashamed of her physical flaws—she is not afraid of showing them.

3. She Takes Care of Her Body

An empowered woman takes care of her body—and she does it for herself—not for others. She exercises and goes to the beautician because these activities make her feel taken care of—and are in line with her love for herself.

empowered woman4. She is Authentic

An empowered woman is herself in every situation. She can adapt to different people and find her place in a conversation, showing different sides of her personality—but she never pretends to be someone else to please others.

5. She Trusts Her Intuition

Intuition is a unique gift that women have. An empowered woman understands the value of intuition and uses it to understand situations and make choices. She embraces this gift and nurtures it—she also uses it to help the people she loves.

empowered woman6. She Shows Confidence

An empowered woman shows confidence in everything she does—from the way she walks to the way she dresses. If she is unsure about something she is doing, she owns her doubts and tries to do her best with grace.

7. She Knows Her Worth

An empowered woman understands her value, and she knows what she deserves. If she gets offered something that doesn’t fit her worth, she rejects it—she doesn’t compromise. She doesn’t want to be content—she wants to be happy.

8. She Values Her Passions

An empowered woman has passions, and she works hard to incorporate them into her daily life. If she can, she makes her passion her work. If she can’t, for financial reasons, she commits to finding the time to follow her passions outside of work.

9. She Makes Her Own Rules

An empowered woman is not affected by the pressure of society. She takes decisions based on her values and intuition—she does what makes her happy disregarding judgment coming from other people.

10. She Is Brave in Her Choices

An empowered woman is brave and takes measured risks because she understands that risks are necessary to find professional and emotional fulfillment. She accepts her fears and faces them—without letting them dictate her actions.

empowered woman11. She Spends Time Alone

An empowered woman is not afraid of spending time alone—and she doesn’t date someone just because she feels lonely. She values spending time alone because she understands that is necessary in her journey through self-discovery.

12. She Says No And Means It

An empowered woman doesn’t always say yes—she doesn’t want to make everybody happy. She says no when she feels it’s the right answer and she means it—she doesn’t change her mind just because someone is begging her.

13. She Is Vulnerable

An empowered woman is not afraid to cry and show her vulnerability. She understands that vulnerability is important to create meaningful relationships and connect with people more deeply. She is happy to show her feelings and emotions to the people she loves.

14. She Fails and Learns

An empowered woman doesn’t get depressed after a failure. She understands that failure is a stepping stone to success—she can always learn something from failure and use the lessons in future endeavors.

15. She Chooses Empowering Relationships

An empowered woman surrounds herself with people who value her and support her. She doesn’t let anybody bring her down and stays away from negative people. She values her friends and partner—and is always there for them.

16. She Takes a Stand

An empowered woman speaks if she sees a negative behavior or an injustice. She doesn’t hide in front of a conflict—she takes a stand to defend the rights of people, and she is not afraid of spanking her truth.

empowered woman

17. She Empowers Other Women

An empowered woman doesn’t envy other women—she supports them, and she celebrates their successes. She makes sure that other women fight for their rights in the workplace and their relationships.


Feature photo: Laurencia Soesanto/Unsplash


  1. Well I guess I am an empowered woman as I am truly authentic, I take a stand on matters sometimes to my hurt. I am also vulnerable which could be counted as a sign of weakness but in my case it is a sign of strength as I make myself deliberately as I think it makes me relevant and baggage free which is what I choose to be. I am learning to trust my intuition having learned from my mistakes.
    Thanks for what turned out to be a self assessment exercise as it helped me in a way to recognize who I am

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ingrid. I am glad the article helped you recognize who you are. This is one of the reasons why writing is powerful. I treasure your feedback.

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