For busy people on the go, simple and practical meditation techniques are essential. Certain techniques reduce overall stress triggers not only within the mental body but also within the physical and emotional bodies. This creates a peaceful internal environment for you. And while you may have a limited amount of free time, some practical meditation techniques you can do for only a few minutes a day will improve your overall life. Such techniques will help you regroup and find contentment through stillness and acceptance. Try to implement these practical meditation techniques into your daily lifestyle:

Meditate on the Go

Meditating during a commute quickly relaxes our minds and helps us cope with excess stress. states, “Commuting may not be the most glamorous part of your day. But, it can be a perfect time to give yourself an extra boost so you’re at your best by the time you walk through the front door. My recommendation for these moments is the Meditation Studio App. It’s perfect for people new to meditation and has easy-to-use step-by-step courses.”

Many of us, whether going to college or work, commute. Here is how you can meditate in a practical way during your commute. Use the Balanced Breathing Technique, also known as alternative nostril breathing, which can be done anywhere, really. Whether you are walking to a meeting, sitting at your desk, or waiting for a train, tune into your breathing. provides a simple and direct set of instructions for carrying out this meditation technique.


  1. Place the right hand “peace fingers” (the pointer and middle finger) at the third eye center. This frees the thumb to close the right nostril and ring finger to close the left.
  2. Take a deep breath in through both nostrils.
  3. Exhale out the left for the count of four, using your thumb to close the other.
  4. Inhale left for the count of four.
  5. Hold the breath in closing both nostrils for the count of four.
  6. Exhale out the right for the count of four, using your ring finger to close the other.
  7. Inhale right for the count of four.
  8. Hold the breath in for the count of four.
  9. Left exhale for the count of four.

Do this technique once and see how you feel. Let your body tell you if this technique is for you. Try once a day and feel free to repeat as needed. adds that, “Balancing Breath” helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. [It] has immediate energizing and calming effects. It also brings oxygen into your blood and organs, reduces stress, and brings you into the present moment. Thus, you can be your most creative, connected self in any situation. Practice this method while listening to your favorite playlist. If you don’t have anything on deck, try Meditation Music Zone.”

Meditate to reconnect

When stress begins to arise, nature offers a sort of release of pent up tension. Through the atmosphere of trees and leaves, you can gain that extra dose of oxygen which will enable your nervous system to adapt to your present moment and create inner peace and stillness. In addition, reconnecting with nature has never been easier. The beauty of this meditation is that you don’t even have to go anywhere to have this divine experience. You can pull up a picture from Google and/or listen to a YouTube video with live nature calls to inspire you. Then all you really have to do is close your eyes for a few moments and picture yourself within your favorite nature landscape among all the aspects of it, including the animals, scents, noises, and weather. Utilize all your senses to envision yourself in that environment and take a few deep breaths. This will help attune your body to a more peaceful state so that you can reduce your stress level and create inner harmony within a few moments.

These 2 simple practical meditation techniques can improve your mindfulness swiftly. Attain inner peace and bliss during your commute to work, early in the morning at home, or anytime in your office space. All it takes is some dedication, repetition, and inner reflection of grounding yourself and breathing through your emotions. These tools will enable your self-awareness so that you can access your divine authentic self and evolve into your best self day after day at your own pace.

Feature photo:
Avi Richards