Stress is all around us. There is “good stress” called Eustress, which is a positive and beneficial kind of stress which motivates us to fulfill goals like school work and then there is “bad stress” called Distress, which we should aim to avoid as it is unconstructive and causes us to become overwhelmed and fatigued. In an effort to avoid overindulging on our delicate nerves, let us learn to handle stress the right way. Follow on below to learn more about the 4 quick tips to conserve your energy and to remain calm when faced with stressful situations.

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1. When you find fun productive things to do, you can dramatically be decreasing your nervous reactions

When you find something creative to do that you genuinely enjoy doing, you are releasing endorphins as a result. Endorphins are a natural hormone that combats any stress you may be experiencing. Even some somewhat passive actions can diminish your stress temporarily. Smiling and simply being happy is a simple yet effective way to release some endorphins. It requires almost no effort and yet the results are purely pleasing. Additionally, any activity that you enjoy doing can produce the same reaction. So consider cleaning your room with loud music, taking a bath with scented candles and reduced lighting, watching a movie or reading your favorite book. Learn to take care of yourself so that you will be able to manage your stress and avoid getting too nervous.

2. Consider your diet to being a big contributor to stress

Certain foods that we eat can directly cause us to feel depressed (sugar, highly processed foods, bread & pasta). This is because these types of foods, especially gluten and wheat, can be inflammatory foods, additionally taking longer to digest and leave us feeling fatigued. Anti-inflammatory foods (some super foods may actually calm your nerves on a biological level) including dark chocolate (which regulates your cortisol and hormone levels) and foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids that promote nerve cell protection (wild cold water fish, like salmon, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds) increase our energy levels and therefore decrease stress.

3. Take a nap, get some sleep

We get so busy we forget the simple necessities that truly recharge and revitalize our nerves. Stress happens often when we are at the end of our rope, when we are so tired we cannot continue to deal. Having a regular sleep schedule is pretty much crucial in order to deal with stress. Try taking a nap during the day for even 10 minutes. This can promote peacefulness for a short term situation. Our nerves are protective forces. When they are undamaged, we can be the kinds of people who enjoy life, remain calm and centered. In turn we can make positive decisions and increase our patience levels when faced with irksome circumstances.

  1. Bust a move

Get moving, do a workout, and get physically active. There are so many great workouts to do to combat stress: Cardio, yoga, Pilates, a ballet class are just a few options. Anything that sparks creativity and action can make you sweat out all the toxins and release any frustration.

So the next time you need to relax a bit more and take care of your nerves, grab a healthy snack for breakfast, take a nap before lunch, work out in the evening, journal before bed, and focus on maintaining your hobbies on the weekend!



LavitaWritten by:  Levita Galinsky


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