There are said to be so many benefits to juicing, and one of the most popular reasons for juicing is for weight loss, as there are plenty of green juice diet ideas out there, for example. However, juicing is not just about weight loss anymore. Whether you choose to juice fruits, vegetables, or both, you will be adding a fruitful amount of nutrition to your overall body all the while experiencing tasty varieties of unique juice flavors. To find out more about how juicing can help get you healthier and happier, follow on below:

Maximize absorption of nutrients

Diets and restrictions were started because people weren’t absorbing all the nutrients from the foods they were consuming. Therefore, juicing is one of the great ways to ensure amplified absorption by the body. Whether you make a green juice (celery, romaine, and garlic) or a red juice (beets, apples, and ginger), you will be combining certain fruits and vegetables for a nutritiously dense drink that will taste good and make you feel good too!

Boost digestion

Because you are able to increase better absorption by drinking juice, your digestion will be getting an automatic boost as well. Through drinking the juice, all the goodness and nutrients will slide into your system without any chewing, which essentially speeds up the digestion process (chewing slows down the digestion process by taking time to break down the food and extract out all the nutrients it needs). Bembu adds that, “Juicing essentially skips the chewing process, meaning fruits and vegetables reach your digestive system in a more easily digestible form.”

Burst of energy

Whether you need to combat stress more effectively or gain stable energy throughout your day, juicing will help you stay on top of things. With all the nutritious vitamins and minerals entering your body in a liquid form, you are fundamentally gaining a natural combination of fruits and veggies that increase your energy level without experiencing a sudden crash like you would get from quick fixes like sugar drinks or junk food.

Hydrate and detoxify the body

Juicing also helps open up your detox channels. If your bowels are sluggish and aren’t moving smoothly on a regular basis, juicing can help provide oxygen to the colon to help it get rid of all the toxins which cause the sluggish bowels to begin with. Juicing also provides you with all the essential minerals and vitamins to help you stay hydrated by releasing all the water from the fruits and veggies.

Increase brain power and better sleep

With juicing, all the high quality ingredients make for an alert and aware individual. Do you feel lethargic in the mornings and require that cup of coffee for a daily wakeup call? Instead, try juicing for that surge of brain power. Bembu states that, “There are foods that contain melatonin, the hormone that is naturally released in the body that gets us to start yawning at night. Try juicing cherries, tomatoes, oranges, or bananas as a digestive to your dinner and then look for natural signs of sleep when bedtime rolls around.” In addition, a simple alteration in your diet by adding juicing on a regular basis can maximize your alertness and help you function properly without extra stimulants. adds that, “Other great juicing choices for enhanced brain function include kale, sprouts, beets, ginger, turmeric, and coconut water.”

So whether you want a slimmer waist, a boost in overall energy, a good nights sleep, or a burst of brain power, consider adding natural juices to your lifestyle today!

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