The word detox simply means to cleanse something. For most people, they associate that cleanse with their body. Of course, it is important and healthy to detoxify and cleanse all the toxins from our physical body, wanting to detox your body efficiently? Have a look at this foot detox machine from a major difference and see how your body could improve over time. However, it is equally essential to cleanse other parts of our lives–such as a life detox, per say. Some may not realize that they need a life detox. But, in actuality, it is crucial for their overall well-being. Let’s explore.

The Body

Ok, so detoxing the body is usually what people think about first when they think about detoxing. It is widely thought that by taking on a juice cleanse or restricting your diet, you can flush out all of the bad toxins that can build up inside us. Some people believe that doing so can also promote weight loss and good overall health. We believe that they body should be cleansed from time to time. We particularly enjoy this detoxifying water cleanse here.

Screen Time

social media life detox cleanse body mind for women friendsDo you think that you use your smartphone or tablet device way too much? Dont worry, you might just need to take a digital detox. Many health professionals now believe that we can easily become addicted to technology. And, just like any other form of addiction, this can have serious implications on other aspects of our lives. If you feel that you are spending too much time looking at your screens, it could be time to cut back before it turns into a full-blown addiction. We’ve actually tried a social media detox for seven days. You should seriously consider it, too!


Living sober comes with so many benefits. You can save a lot of money by not buying fancy drinks or expensive bottles of liquor or wine. You will feel fresh and have so much more energy every day. Not only that, though, but you will be less inclined to irrational behavior. You may also want to consider a detox if you find yourself becoming dependent on alcoholic drinks. It could be an early sign of addiction. If you think you could benefit from sobriety, its worth considering a detox. This could be a permanent or temporary measure depending on your current relationship with alcohol. You can also visit The Holistic Sanctuary or a local rehab center to find more info on how to treat alcohol dependence.


There are a lot of pollutants in the air that we breathe, and this is largely down to all of the exhaust fumes given off by vehicles. Even if you are in a quiet part of a town, you might be shocked to learn that there will be pollutants in the air. Reducing your use of a car or driving with the windows shut can help. Bringing in house plants will also help purify the air in your home. Alternatively, why not book a weekend away in the countryside for all that fresh country air?

Negative Thoughts

negativity life detox to cleanse your body and mindSometimes it can feel like our mind is swamped by very negative thoughts and emotions. No matter what we do to stop it, these thoughts can still drag our moods down and in some extreme cases, this could quickly turn into depression. There is a way to detox your mind, though. Try to practice more mindfulness. Its a form of meditation that will teach you how to control bad thoughts and feelings.

As you can see then, there is actually quite a bit in your life that you could try to detox. Im sure doing so will do you a world of good!

Feature photo: Joanna Nix / Unsplash

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