Chocolate bar
Cup of melting bar of chocolate isolated 3d rendering

We all love and crave chocolate bars at times and it is truly one of the best pleasures of life.  However, we’re all concerned with our health and know too much sugar is bad for us.  So, it’s important to choose chocolate bars that are healthier and at the same time taste good. We have done some research for you to find the rich and pure chocolate bar with exceptional cocoa content.  These are both organic and Non-gmo based. To find your next chocolate bar dessert, follow on below for the many varieties and flavors that fit your specific taste buds:

Alter Eco

Alter Eco is a safe and healthy chocolate brand.  It carries delicious flavors including deep dark chocolate sea salt, burnt caramel, and velvet truffle. The cacao beans that are utilized to create these delectable chocolates come from organic trees near the Ecuadorian coast. In addition, they are gluten free and non-gmo. With the unique flavor combinations and high quality organic ingredients, you can rest assured that every bite of chocolate will be pure and satisfyingly scrumptious.

Lily’s Dark Chocolate with Stevia

When you want a somewhat sweetened type of dark chocolate, look into Lily’s Dark Chocolate bar which is sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is essentially a zero calorie natural sweetener and has health benefits.  It’s unlike artificial sweeteners which the body does not process too well. Aside from stevia, there is no sugar and it is vegan friendly. Free of both gluten and gmo, you can enjoy the creamy flavors of Lily’s Dark Chocolate.  Other flavors to look for are: crispy rice, almond, or coconut. Here is an abundant source of tastiness at your fingertips.


This chocolate bar is potent with its rich cacao content starting from 55% and up. Chocolove provides you with a unique bonus inside each wrapper. A love poem is written in every Chocolove bar to combine the romantic side of chocolate and love. You’ll get a sense of pleasure with the poem and chocolate all in one. Chocolove contains no preservatives and it’s pure and clean. The Belgian dark chocolate is ultimately bittersweet depending on which flavors you choose. Try the roasted flavors or the sweet, tangy ones. Whether you take the coffee crunch in dark chocolate or the cherry almonds in dark chocolate, you will enjoy a delicious flavored chocolate bar that melts elegantly in your mouth.

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Bars

Lindt Lindor gourmet chocolate is a fancy type of chocolate. These are the individually wrapped chocolates that are perfect for a holiday or special event. They generally come with 60 truffles per box, so you can be sure to enjoy them for a while or share them with friends at a social gathering. Lindt selects the highest quality cocoa beans (with 90% cocoa) in order to create a sense of perfection within their tastes and textures. Lindt Lindor chocolates are perfect for those who appreciate the intensity of the dark chocolate flavors.  In essence, if you have a palate that desires a rich and delicate cocoa flavored chocolate treat, look no further. Try the Lindt Excellence Black Currant Dark Chocolate Bars, or stick with the famously known Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles; whatever kind you choose, know that each bite will have an irresistibly luscious center.

Newman’s own organic

Newman’s own organic is a high quality chocolate brand with 70% cocoa. These super dark chocolate bars are succulently flavorful.  It comes from cocoa beans grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. If you are in the mood for a somewhat peanut buttery taste, try their Newman’s Own Super Dark Chocolate Cups with Peanut Butter Centers.  It contains six peanut butter cups in every 1.9 oz. package. Or opt for the more traditional milk chocolate bar which is just as delectable.

There you have it folks, a high quality list of chocolate bars ranging in flavors from peanut butter to milk chocolate truffles. Whether you want a rich or delicate taste, you can be sure that the next chocolate bar you reach for within this list will be on the healthy side with organic ingredients. Happy chocolate munching!

LavitaBy:  Levita Galinsky