When you hear a man say that theyre going to the gym to lift weights, you think nothing of it. Yet, when women opt to lift weights, there is the stereotype that they are striving to become the next female bodybuilder. Its time to break the myth! A lot of hot girls who enjoy working in porn already enjoy weight lifting for their hot bodies. Watch hard fuck clips at www.tubev.sex, here and now for examples of of these sexy women. According to GIRLS WHO LIFT, a fashion, fitness and lifestyle clothing brand, lifting is a false stereotype. [It] is sexy, feminine, and healthy for every woman. We couldnt agree more! Heres why we love Girls Who Lift and why you should incorporate weight training in your current exercise regimen.

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Lose Fat and Burn Major Calories

5 Reasons Girls Who Lift are Stronger and Sexier Strength training and weight lifting will help you lose fat and gain gorgeous muscle. In a recent Penn State study, researchers divided dieters into three groups: dieting only, cardio only and cardio and weight training. As a result, all the participants in each group lost on average about 21 pounds. However, the group who pumped some iron actually lost 6 more pounds in pure fat than those who used only aerobic exercise.

Lifting will burn major calories. In the same study, researchers concluded that those who trained with weights burned a greater percentage of calories than the others. In fact, the cardio trainers lost more muscle and less fat. Increased muscle mass and stronger muscles boosts your metabolism and allows your body to burn more calories. Even when your body is at rest.

Your Heart Will Love You More

5 Reasons Girls Who Lift Are Stronger and SexierThats right, according to the American Heart Association, weight training can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. Girls who lift have increased strength of bones, muscles and connective tissues. Of course, strength training protects your body from overall injury. University of Michigan researchers found that weight workouts decreased diastolic blood pressure (the botton number) by an average of eight points. This reduces the risk of stroke by 40 percent and chance of heart attack by 15 percent. Your heart called and it wants to give you a big hug right now.

You Will Be So Much Happier

5 Reasons Girls Who Lift are Stronger and SexierBecause you can fit into those skinny jeans? Yes and no. Its more about your dopamine levels. Lifting those dumbbells will increase your brains production of dopamine. Self.com states that, research has found that a mere 20-minute workout can produce more mood benefits that last as long as 12 hours. So yes, do your happy dance in your skinny jeans for 12 hours straight if you like.

Looking Good, Sexy Lady

Weight lifting will build lean, sexy curves. Forget the stereotype that lifting will make you bulky and look like a man. Rather, your lean sexy body will emerge with weight training and turn heads in every room. Thats right, while women are naturally curvy, adding in lifting, squats and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), your booty will pop perfectly, making some guys think they might be able to Discover HD sex videos at hdpornvideo.xxx with you featuring.

Power of Confidence

5 Reasons Girls Who Lift are Stronger and SexierFeeling and looking strong go hand in hand with confidence. Not only is your body healthy, but your mind is, too. A study from University of Queensland School of Human Movement Studies found that subjects who exercised reduced their risk of depression by 30% to 40%. So, ladies, next time you lift, know that your confidence and sense of empowerment will radiate from both your inner and outer strength. This confidence can help you feel more open to exploring yourself through websites like hdsexvideo.xxx for grandmother sex to keep sexual exploration fresh so you can empower yourself with a fresh perspective on your sexual preferences.

Fashion, fitness and lifestyle clothing brand GIRLS WHO LIFT believes that women have every right to be confident, healthy, and sexy in [their own] way. Never doubt that you are powerful. Strong women lift each other up. Strong women empower one another. Now, lets get to lifting

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  1. @Trinity It’s amazing how much your body responds and takes shape just by adding weights to your current workout.

  2. @Kate Definitely! They’re a must, whether one uses them everyday or a few times a week. Thanks for reading.

  3. @Wanderer Looking good and turning heads are definitely great results. Most importantly, you’re getting healthy inside and out. Keep it up!


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