When you need a quick pick me up, you might feel short circuited in terms of knowing how to effectively handle your emotions and improving your mood. If you don’t know how to productively eliminate those blues in any given moment, consider the following 5 ways on how to improve your mood:

Go for a walk

Walking is a quick and effective way to lower blood pressure, increase positive feelings, and release that extra stress. Walk slowly or power walk to help you clear your head, improve your digestion, and release any built up emotions in a healthy way. Go to a park, the beach, or visit your neighborhood hot spot. Socialize with people while you are walking or choose to walk alone. There are no rules so figure out what works best for you and smile along the way.

Call up a friend

Communicating with people who understand or even simply care for you can truly lift your mood when you are feeling down. Reconnect that friendship bond especially if you haven’t been in touch for some time. That sense of unpretentious support is what we all crave for, especially when we need a quick mood boost. Therefore, consider calling up those people who have your best interests at heart and ultimately care enough about you to sympathetically listen to your current set of emotions. Whatever you feel, talk it out honestly and openly.

Have a cup of hot green tea and some dark chocolate

A simple snack may be just the ticket for when you need a quick mood boost. Green tea and dark chocolate both offer you with powerful antioxidants that can boost happiness and decrease nervous tension. Dark chocolate regulates stress hormone levels of cortisol and green tea calms the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. It’s a win-win for a happy mood!

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers

Self-love begins with a certain level of kindness and appreciation of the self. This is the foundation for happiness. Therefore, go ahead and buy those beautiful aromatic flowers or a simple plant for your home so that you can enjoy what you do for yourself and enhance your mood at the same time.

Listen to music and get your dance on

Turn on your favorite radio station and get physical! This kind of physicality is not about aggression, but more so about the art form of expression through music and movement. Through body coordination with the melodic music in the background, you are improving circulation, conducting a mind-body interaction, and creating happy feelings within yourself all at once. When you are creatively genuine and truly enjoy what you do, you end up releasing endorphins as a result (a natural hormone that combats stress).

The takeaway

Your mood can be lifted through a perspicacious choice of self-reflection and as a result, it can help melt away excess stress. Whether you choose to take a walk, buy some effervescent flowers, or poignantly talk it out with a friend, you have many options to increase your mood according to your own unique needs of expression.

Feature photo:
Jon Ly