A successful relationship begins with a connection and is followed up with re-connecting over and over again. The connecting part is somewhat easy and quite possibly unintentional: chemistry, similarities, opposites attract, etc. The re-connecting is the challenging part as you would need to find that initial spark and keep the flame resiliently burning. However, it is also fun rekindling that spark as it will provide you with a stronger bond over time. What are the key habits of highly successful relationships?

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Talk it out

Communication is a golden opportunity to talk over anything that is bothering you. Through the simple act of speaking to one another, you are automatically building new ways of understanding and in addition are able to work things out. This is how your relationship will grow positively through conversations on a daily basis.

Spend quality time together 

Sometimes when we get too comfortable in a relationship we forget to spend quality time together. We forget that making time for one another should remain a priority. Don’t get lazy here folks. Keep having date night once a week where you either get all dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant or get dressed down and go to a picnic in the park. Keep it varied, keep it spontaneous.

Have a day of “Me” time

Being in a relationship, sometimes we forget how to be complete on our own. We rely on the other for our happiness and even sadness. This is why it is super important to get back to our center to figure out ourselves aside from our other half. A day of “Me” time is where you rejuvenate yourself so that you realize that you do not have to be depending on someone else all the time. Get a massage, find a hobby, hang out with your friends, etc. This is the foundation from where a strong relationship can thrive.

Challenge yourselves 

Keep learning together; take a ballroom class or a pottery class. Do things to keep you interacting and trying things that can excite your passions. Don’t remain stagnant just because you are in a relationship. On the contrary, being in a healthy relationship means you are excited to keep on growing as a human being and learning more about yourself and one other. Don’t isolate yourself. Integrate your relationship to your lifestyle so you remain balanced and comfortable in your skin.

Ask the hard questions 

Where is this relationship going? What do you like about me? (Can’t be a physical thing) How do you see your life in 5 years? Do you want a family? Questions like these not only encourage an honest discussion but also bring out answers that you can clearly see if there is in fact a future with your current partner.

Create new traditions unique to you

Being in a successful relationship provides you with the opportunity of creating memories. These memories will be personally special to you. Building off of new experiences is a crucial factor to being successful long term. So find that bond that ignites your spirits and makes you the happiest. Perhaps it is a similar passion that you both enjoy. Partake in it and let that be your new tradition.

Have fun with it

Relationships tend to get stressful if you are not in it for the enjoyment part of it too. Yes it is important to know who you are with and if you see yourselves together in the future. But remember to enjoy the present moment with each other and with yourself as well. Laugh often, relax together, and trust one another. Be honest about your feelings, release any ego masks, and grow together and individually simultaneously.

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