Are you ready for a Major Life Change?

Too many of us are afraid of change, especially big life changes. The more responsibilities we have, the more we may feel we have to lose. Especially if our new change of direction doesnt go to plan. However, a major life change can often be exactly what we need to make us happier. This happiness could have a positive impact on everything we do. Here are 7 signs that you should take the plunge and make that major life change.

Youre nostalgic

major life change
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Many of us have memories that we look back on fondly. However, if you keep wishing you were back living in the past, its a clear sign that life isnt as exciting as it once was and that its time to bring back that excitement. Truly, you should be careful of trying to relive the past. After all, this isnt really making a change. Rather, its simply going back to your old ways. Instead, try to do something new that gives you the thrills you felt when you were younger and trying new things. It often may be the new experiences that were nostalgic over.

The passion is gone

We all have interests and hobbies that we fall out of love with. We are always changing as people and discovering new preferences. Perhaps, you may have achieved your dream job, only to find that it isnt as idyllic as you hoped. Alternatively, you may have taken up a sport that you no longer enjoy. Its okay to start following a new passion. Dont cling onto something you once loved out of loyalty.

You have no goals

We should always have goals that were striving towards. Its possible you may have achieved your goals, in which case you may have to set new ones. Perhaps you always wanted to get married, and now the next goal could be to have kids. Or, you got your dream job and should now consider management or using your experience elsewhere. In other cases, you may have lost sight of old goals. So, you could consider taking these up again, or you could try coming up with new goals entirely. Either way, taking up a new goal will help force you to make a major life change.

You keep noticing new patterns in your life emerging

You may find that youre developing too many routines. Perhaps you may be doing the same thing at work and the same thing in the evenings. Alternatively, you could be noticing random patterns that keep appearing. In fact, many people give the number 555 a meaning, believing that if they see it too often, a change is required. It is not only the number of 555 but numbers like 1123, 1111, 666 that often bring about different feelings in people who think that the numbers denote a required change or an impending problem. This notion acts in accordance with the workings of numerology- often called to be a angel number. Whatever the case, if you’re noticing patterns, it’s a clear sign that you’re craving something new. So, doing new things might help you to break free of your routine and make you feel less trapped.

Others make choices for you

If other people are always making choices for you, you may be living the life that they want and not the life that you want. After all, you deserve to be happy and to follow your own dreams. However, this could mean breaking away from that persons control. This could be a parent who wants you to pursue a certain career. Or, what about a partner who wants you to make sacrifices for them. Dont let them dictate your life. Make a major life change by doing what you want.

You dread getting up in the morning

major life change
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To dread getting up could be a symptom of depression. Most likely, its result of your day-to-day life causing you pain. Your job may be overly stressful, or there may be an emptiness from a breakup or bereavement thats caused you to lose motivation. Either way, you need to get rid of this dread and that involves making a big change.

Bad habits are starting to damage your health

Another time when you may want to consider a big change is when bad habits are starting to damage your health. In these cases, the change should be to remove this bad habit from your life and replace it with a good habit. Bad habits could include smoking, heavy drinking, gambling or eating too much unhealthy food. Good habits to replace these with could include exercise, healthy eating, becoming more organized and drinking more water.

In the end, it is up to you to make big life changes. If you feel like you are stuck, take a look to see if the signs above are relevant in your current life. And then, take the plunge and get moving to make some exciting life changes!

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