The idea of spreading or attracting positive vibes has been quite a trend lately. People choose to enjoy life more. They are continually evaluating their overall positive attitude as a whole. Don’t we all want to remove negativity from our live? Try these tips to help you attract positive vibes on a daily basis.

Find your inner self

Most people envision deep meditation or intense yoga poses to be the only viable source of “finding yourself” and creating positive energy. However, you do not need to follow any specific routine or ritual to essentially find your center. On the contrary, to find and awaken your inner self, try to focus on ways where you can be at peace without feeling resistance. That is the goal. If you need some guidelines simply take 10-20 minutes a day and sit in the center of your room. Perhaps light a candle for ambience and then start taking a few deep breaths. Free your mind and release with love anything you feel tense about. Through these action steps, you are relieving negative emotions and inviting positive vibes to come your way.

Be a part of nature

Having a moment in a park or taking a walk along the shore encourages calmness within the self. When you actively and consciously spend time around green areas like a forest or even plants, you are reconnecting with nature. Once that connection is sparked, excess negative energy begins to crumble away. In essence, you wash away the pressure and revitalize your energy as a whole. To add nature to your own home, plant some flowers or buy already planted ones such as plants and place them all over your home to bring beauty and oxygen in. Sign up for nature walks to gain a more stable opportunity to be part of nature.

Add color to your life

The idea of color therapy is all about incorporating certain shades of color in your wardrobe in order to attract energy. adds that, “Colours emit vibrations that affect our psyche. Eg: Yellow gives confidence, Red signifies security, Orange signifies emotional balance and blue improves communication and intuition.” Therefore, play around with the colors in your wardrobe and home interior, for example, you might be looking for a statement wall to pull the room together, so mural wallpaper, or block colors may work in this area. Perhaps you want to buy a blue dress for your next job interview or purchase orange sheets for your bedroom for relaxation purposes. Colors can add a dose of happiness to your life if you focus on choosing the specific colors that add vibrancy and authenticity within you.

Indulge in laughter

positive vibesWhen was the last time you laughed so hard you felt you got a fantastic abs workout from it? Well, try to get some friends and family together for any sort of event and laugh it off! Get into your inner child self and release those blocked up emotions or feelings. Try to make a habit of it and incorporate it into your weekly routine. adds that, “It (laughing) opens up blocked energy patterns, releases feel-good hormones, and is even good for certain aches and pains.” Think about what kind of fun you need: painting, running around in a park, watching your favorite show, etc. These activities encourage you to relieve some inhibitions and awaken your senses in a new way. So go ahead and LOL (laugh out loud)!

Energize your house

Energizing your home is like creating a sanctuary perfect for you. Whatever you feel in terms of peace and relaxation, incorporate them into your home. You could maybe get one of the Himalayan pink salt lamp or energy crystals as it’s known to create a positive energy. Perhaps you love the ambiance of candle-lit tables, or maybe you enjoy aromas or fragrances; light candles each morning or evening and do the same with the spray. You may even like to burn herbs for prosperity or partake in cleansing rituals. Create an environment where you feel totally in vibe with. This creates positive vibes right off the bat. Have your windows open for better circulation and clean your clutter. Add music in the background for when you are doing work or cleaning. Pick soothing music, focusing on sound vibrations that speak to you in a spiritual way (yoga music can do that as well as new-age or classical music). Most importantly, once you clear your clutter, you will end up clearing your mind and re-energizing your home in an effort to attract positive vibes.

Keep up with a healthy lifestyle

You can efficiently attract positive vibes into your life when your body is fully relaxed and happy. How do you get to that point? Well, start off by getting your sleep, eating right, and working out each day. In essence, you want to listen to what your body is asking for. Do you need to take a Detox day with only fruit and veggies or start drinking more smoothies? Tune into your inner needs and keep that level of a healthy lifestyle on your radar. Cleanse the body on a regular basis and drink lots of water. Walk to places instead of taking a bus or train if there are only a few stops. You will notice your vibrations are enhanced and your energy levels will rise. This is because when you eat foods with minimum chemicals and pesticides (i.e. foods that are not processed), the vibrations of the foods can be a better magnet for achieving positive vibes.

Gratitude is your best attitude

positive vibesSo often we take advantage of the simple things that makes our lives so beautiful. We tend to compare everything from career level to relationship status with others and always feel not good enough if our self esteem is low. So take a moment to be truly grateful for your life and all your experiences. This is a humble perspective to take where your heart is able to feel that inner joy. This is the most potent way to attract positive vibes. When you directly feel grateful to your uniquely beautiful journey, you are opening up channels within your body that release blocked up emotions. So go ahead and create a daily morning habit where you write a list of things you are genuinely grateful for, including your feelings and interactions with others. This helps you maintain focus on what’s important and additionally attracts positive energy into your daily life.

There are numerous methods to attract positive vibes into your life, all of which require authenticity from you. It is a conscious effort to choose to live your life from a positive perspective, which greatly influences the alignment of your inner self. Embrace your insecurities, understand your resistance attitude, and remove excess stress by implementing the aforementioned guidelines. Thus, you will be on your way to removing negative energy and replacing it with positive vibes all around!

Photo: Manuel Meurisse / Unsplash