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cardio vs weights

Cardio vs Weights: Which workout is better to lose weight & build muscle?

With summer right around the corner, you might be thinking about finally getting that gym membership you promised yourself in January. Better late than...
Self-Care For Energy

10 Self-Care Activities that Will Beat Stress and Boost Your Energy

We all know that stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and cause all sorts of illness, but did you know that its also...
Self-Care Routine

5 Tips to Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Fitness Routine

We all want to live a healthy lifestyle and working out is an important factor. A strong fitness routine can increase our cardiovascular health,...
Mindfulness on treadmill

What Happens When You Practice Mindfulness On The Treadmill

Kick your boring treadmill cardio up a notch with mindfulness! Practicing mindfulness while on the treadmill doubles your cardio's health benefits without any extra...
Skincare routine

Expert Skin Care Routine Tips Post Workout

With Memorial Day fast approaching, many are even more focused than usual on their bodies and getting them into tip-top shape at the gym....
Low Impact Workouts

9 Incredible Low Impact Workouts That Can Give You Results

There are numerous studies that show any kind of a workout is good for your overall health and can help you live longer.  From...