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Who is Glossy Cover?

Hello! Glossy Cover is a women’s lifestyle blog covering a breadth of stories to inspire and empower women to live their best life. We are passionate about self-care, practicing daily mindfulness, and maintaining good mental and physical health.

Our mission is to support millions of hard-working women who want to have it all but often struggle with work-life balance. On a personal level, we talk about how to maintain strong relationships and the importance of taking care of YOU. Professionally, we provide tips on how to overcome challenges at work, grow your career and gain independence. By no means are any of us perfect at this. So, let’s have a dialogue and discuss issues that matter to all of us.

Our Writers and Guest Contributors

Our content is written by talented freelancers, writers, and guest contributors who are subject matter experts in their discipline. We always edit our content for accuracy and make sure we leverage reliable and trusted sources in our stories. We also follow editorial best practices to ensure the content is easily consumable and valuable for YOU, the reader.

We are currently not taking any new freelancers or copy writers.  For any questions, you can reach out below.

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