Bad Dream Equals Good Day

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Portrait of a young woman sleeping on the bed at home
Portrait of a young woman sleeping on the bed at home



Dreams: we all have them during our sleep. Some dreams come and go without leaving a mark on our emotions or consciousness, while others depart in the morning only to have us feeling overwhelmed, concerned, and overtly critical. When dealing with dreams there seem to be two extremes that we partake in: we either brush them all off the shoulder without diving in too deep, or we jump directly in with both feet and begin the process of dream interpretation such as looking for all the possibilities as to why you had Snakes in your dream, etc. Regardless of the type of dream(s) you may have, know that they have the power to change your reality for the better. Learn more below. suggests that Dreams are a road to our subconscious, signals to our complex emotions, and also a way for us to travel astral planes. Therefore, depending on our daily emotional state, dreams can essentially provide us with some sort of adventure that our soul desires to attain.

Nightmares encourage spiritual growth within us

We can easily distinguish a nightmare from a delightfully pleasant dream. We can be running away from someone, looking desperately for someone, or something could be happening to us to make us feel so bad that we wake up sweating, so relieved that dream is over. These types of dreams can be described as nightmares; there might be a deeper meaning to these dreams than meets the eye especially if they have a habit of recurring over and over again. Some days our emotions fuel nightmares and we dont have to give them a second thought. However, other times, we might get into a cycle of reliving that same voraciously driven dream which can directly affect our reality.

At first, it will have a negative shock effect on us, as we will not know how to handle these intense feelings of discomfort within us and our own emotions. Later on, if we take away harsh judgment, we can begin to learn more about them. Are we running from ourselves? Are we looking for someone we need to fix our unfinished business with? We should ask questions if we feel the need to do so. This can benefit our reality by taking something so daunting and turning it around for a potential sense of knowledge and awakening within us which can catapult us to take the next steps for creating inner peace.

Positive dreams connect us to a higher consciousness

Aside from all the ghostly nightmares haunting us, there are light and airy dreams that effortlessly come to our dream state at times. Certain people like our best friends, lovers, and family members can direct us to learn more about ourselves, others, and essentially give us some sense of peace at a particular moment in our lives. Positive dreams are colorful, vibrant, and have the possibility of affecting our reality in a calm way to ease our minds and spirits. Ideas for creative pursuits may occur as well: poetry, music, melodies, a book idea, a career direction, and a solution to an issue you have been having. Your dreams are a vessel of inspiration that have the ability to endow you with a plethora of flowing goodness.

Tips for your next dream cycle: release your logical thought process and let your dreams come and pass by to teach you something about yourself that you can enhance. Dreams are simply reminders of our emotional state combined with universal messages. They want to help us make sense of ourselves, our lives, our journeys, and our universe at large. Write down your feelings about any dreams for a sense of peace so that it can provide you with a way release of your emotional strife. This form of self-expression can create positive vibes and possible inspiration for your reality of truth.