How To Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies

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feminine energy

Whether you are a male or a female, you have the ability to balance out your both feminine and masculine qualities in order to feel more balanced, perceptive, and fulfilled. We typically express ourselves through both masculine and feminine energies in different situations, but depending on our upbringing, when we reach adulthood, we tend to steer towards a more dominant energy according to our unique experiences. Therefore, to find out how you can better balance your dual feminine and masculine energies to achieve inner balance that reflects outer balance as well, follow on below:

Are you lacking feminine energy?

Feminine energy is a loving and sensitive type of energy we all possess, yet sometimes it can be hidden under a veil to protect our ego. If you are not opened with your feelings and always feel the need to control others without much sympathetic listening, you might be lacking a sense of feminine energy. Authentic feminine qualities make for an intelligent and compassionate individual, where understanding is on the top of the list. So for all those left brain enthusiasts, you might need to rejuvenate your feminine side to achieve balance within yourself.

Are you lacking masculine energy?

Are you the type of person who is extra kind and totally naive with a side of gullibility? If so, you might be lacking a sense of masculine energy, feeling too feminine in a feeble sort of way. In addition, in honing in on your masculine energy, you would need to initially understand what that energy is made up of. states that,” The Masculine energy is an intelligent energy that possesses the quality of analytic and rational thinking, competition, determination, linear thinking, and logical thought.”

Activities for the strong feminine type 

Take on a leadership role, create a collaborative project, or just take charge in some form or fashion. Masculine energy is after all action-oriented and competitive, so if you are the feminine type with a soft nature and a kind heart, you will need to work on strengthening your masculine energy. Think about dominance, but not in an overwhelming superior kind of way. This dominance is more so direct, communicative, and eager to accomplish goals in a linear way. This will help balance your feminine and masculine energies so that you can feel more confident, powerful, and valued.

Activities for the strong masculine type 

Enhancing your feminine side (if you have a strong masculine Type A energy streak) will help you stay balanced. Feminine energy is not looked down upon in a weak or submissive manner. On the contrary, once you begin to accurately develop your feminine qualities, you will be gaining a sense of understanding about you. Nurturing your feminine side can be done by opening your options. Try doing something that helps you express your authentic, inner self. Whether that is a music or dance class, or even a photography or painting meeting, discover your talents through a creatively charged hobby.

Checklist for balancing your feminine and masculine qualities 

When you want to know if your thinking and actions reflect each other and you sense you have made enough changes to balance out your feminine and masculine qualities, you can make yourself a checklist for a visual representation of your achievement. Here is the checklist:

_You are able to express your inner feelings without feeling weak

_You understand and can carry out a direct conversation without appearing condescending

_You can openly accept an honest remark without feeling sorry for yourself

_You are able to relinquish your control and work in a group where someone else takes on a leading role and you do not feel threatened or less important

_You are able to accept a compliment without self-criticism

_You can take on a leadership role (which expects rational/logical thinking) effectively and successfully without putting yourself down

There you have it! Whether you are a woman or a man, you too can balance out your feminine and masculine qualities for a more happy and fulfilled inner self. From there, you will be better able to strengthen your relationships both with yourself and others and additionally feel more confident and worthy as a unique individual.

LavitaWritten By:  Levita Galinsky