Foundation. It’s a market filled with countless brands, products, shades and ingredients. One of the biggest and most important makeup decisions we can make is finding the perfect foundation for our skin shade, tone and texture. Clueless on how to find the best fit for you? We went straight to the experts to help guide you through the process, without spending hundreds of dollars.

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Beauty expert Tiffany Saxby guides us through the process to show us how it’s possible to find the best foundation at your local drugstore. Here’s Tiffany’s take:

Shade Secrets

It’s never easy finding the perfect foundation shade at the drugstore. Since you can’t always locate a sample, the best way to find a color that suits you is to hold up the foundation bottle to the inner part of your wrist because this area rarely gets any sun. Pick 3 shades that you think may be a close match. Out of the 3, which one matches best? I always end up purchasing 2 different shades, not because somebody is trying to up sell me at the drugstore but simply because everyone’s skin color changes. Even if you are a SPF junkie and avoid the sun like the plague, your arms/chest will get darker from winter to summer. With 2 different shades, you can mix and match your skin color for the season. Think of it as a 2 to 1 pump scenario.

Coverage Matters

When buying foundations, you will always find comfortable alternatives at drugstores. For light foundation coverage, I usually go with a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. If you are looking for something with a little more coverage, you may opt for either a mousse or liquid foundation. If you want full coverage on the other hand, you can layer a liquid foundation with camouflage concealer. Remember to always set the foundation with a powder. To set your makeup, stick with a loose powder; to get more coverage, go with a powder foundation. The possibilities are endless!

Skip the Sale

Avoid buying a foundation solely because it is on sale. As consumers, we often find foundations we love and looks great on our skin. Just because another brand offers a better price, it does not mean you will be pleased with the results.

Research and Repeat

I enjoy doing a little research on makeup brands before purchasing. You can always look up reviews about brands online to find out about new and/or best-selling products they offer. Youtube is a great database to see how others apply the latest trends in foundation on the market.

Just Buy It

The best way to truly test a foundation out at a drugstore is to simply buy it. If it turns out you are not satisfied with the product, bring it back along with your receipt for an exchange. Always read the return policy beforehand and see whether you will be getting store credit or cash back. I can guarantee your store credit won’t go unused.

Be sure to check out Tiffany’s Youtube channel, Tiff’s Tips for reviews and testings of the newest beauty products on the market.


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