Benefits of Bilberry as a Supplement


Bilberry fruit is both a food and a potential remedy for various health disorders

Have you heard about Bilberry as a supplement? Summer is an ideal time to introduce berries into your diet if you haven’t yet done so. Speaking of berries, Bilberry is a unique kind of fruit that is a berry that has many health benefits. It contains many antioxidants including Vitamin C, B, and E. Whether you prefer eating them fresh or dried or even in tea form, find out below the specific health benefits of incorporating this fruit to your lifestyle:

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Ease your stomach cramps and soothe digestion

Bilberry has some great gastrointestinal benefits that might help your bloating as well as ease stomach cramps and ulcers. Keep it handy for when you have diarrhea, as Bilberry contains tannins that reduce intestinal inflammation and soothe the stomach lining.

Give your circulation a boost

Bilberry can help enhance circulation of the blood as well as balance your overall circulatory system by increasing HDL (the good form of cholesterol) and decreasing LDL (the bad form of cholesterol). It works best when added into your diet as a regular supplement instead of ingesting once or twice a month.

Retinal Health

Your eyes are delicate and when you need to protect them, consider adding Bilberry as a form of supplementation.  Healthyeatingsfgate adds that, “Bilberry antioxidant supplements support healthy vision by helping to regenerate light-sensitive pigments in cells of the retina.” The extract from this fruit can help inhibit nerve damage to the retina and the Anthocyanidin compounds in the Bilberry act as a protective aid to the retina as well.

Protects against Urinary Tract Infections

When you have a UTI you want to acknowledge it and get rid of it ASAP. Cranberry is a common staple known to ease UTIs, and Bilberry might be the perfect alternative (or addition to cranberries) to incorporate more relief.

Nurture your Skin

We all want our skin to appear and feel radiant. Adding Bilberry to your diet might help boost the look and feel of your skin.  It contains antioxidant properties including vitamins B, C and E. These three act as a sufficient combination of nutrition that protects the skin from damage of free radicals as well as helps rejuvenate the overall texture and quality of the skin.

So whether you want to ease your stomach cramps (plus UTIs), create a boost in circulation, maintain a protective shield for your eyes, or have smooth and nurtured skin, Bilberry can help you accomplish just that, so get some Bilberry today!


Written by: Levita Galinsky


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