A new year means that you have the opportunity to create a whole new you. Sure, you could do this at anytime of the year but there is just something about starting afresh in January. You have 365 days to commit to becoming a better person by the end of this year.

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Part of this includes building good habits and quitting your bad ones. We all have them, though, but some of them are undoubtedly worse for your health than others. No matter how big or small your bad habit is, there is a way to quit it for good. It is time to build a much healthier lifestyle for yourself this year.

First: Tell people youre quitting

Perhaps the first step towards making good habits is deciding to do so. Then, when you’ve really decided once and for all that its time for you to quit the bad ones, its best to tell everyone about it. This is quite intimidating if you havent committed quite as much as you would have liked. However, making yourself accountable in front of others is a great motivator.

When you tell people about it, you might even find that there are other people in the same situation as you. They may also need a bit of help along the way. Having a support system around you is important when youre trying to improve your lifestyle. And, if you have a like-minded buddy on the same journey as you, youll be able to push each other to achieve your goals.

In case you should falter and fall back into your old ways, youll have someone to pick you back up and get you back on track. You could check out this system for womens sober living as well, if you’re interested in a truly supportive community. That way, youll always have someone around you to help you out when youre feeling a bit down. You can help them out in return.

Next: Replace Bad With Good Habits

All the habits that are in our lives right now–whether they are good habits or bad–are there for a reason. Essentially, these habits provide some sort of benefit to you, even if they are bad for you in another way. So, though that bad habit is actually bad for you, you find it beneficial in some way. Since this is the case, eliminating that bad habit will be nearly impossible. Therefore, instead of getting rid of the bad habit, replace it with another that will give you similar benefit. For example, when you start feeling stressed and crave that cigarette or alcoholic beverage, find another way to deal with the stress. Use the new behavior in place of the cigarette. In terms of cigarettes by slowly replacing them with less strong nicotine products could help to reduce the craving and ultimately allow you to quit for good. Trying nicotine pouches from places like Nicotine-Pouches.com could be a great alternative to cigarettes and hopefully allow you to develop a healthier lifestyle. Whatever that new behavior is, it is dependent on what will motivate you to move beyond your current bad habit. And eventually, replace it with good habits instead.

Last: Expect to Fail

build good habits break bad habits woman sadBefore you embark on your venture to turn your bad habits into good habits, know you should expect to fail on the first, second, and even third try. The number of mistakes may actually be higher. Essentially, just realize that you are human and we all falter from time to time. So, when you fall off that horse, hop right back on. It is important to continue and keep striving towards your goal. Certainly, don’t wait another year before you try to quit again.

When you make a mistake, take the opportunity to learn from your misstep and keep on keeping on. Instead of beating yourself up, take time to celebrate the small wins. Perhaps you haven’t smoked for one week. Celebrate that! And when you make it to two weeks, celebrate again! As you work towards building good habits, try to stick to it, even in small ways. Let’s say you don’t have time to exercise. Do some jumping jacks instead. Whatever it takes, find ways to inch towards your goal. Eventually, you’ll cross the finish line and change your bad habits into good habits once and for all.

We get it, change is hard. Building good habits may take you two steps forward and one step back. Just remember that tomorrow is a new day and you can wake up, start afresh, and look forward taking small steps to your ultimate goal. You can do it!

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