Caviar face masks. Thousand-dollar massages. Daily Blowouts. Professional makeup artists. Celebrities. They’re just like you and me. Well, while celebrities sometimes live in the lap of luxury beauty, some swear by these simple, natural ingredients for daily celebrity beauty secrets.  These items can be as close by as the refrigerator or your local market.

Olivia Munn

olivia-munnOlivia Munn swears by Japanese potatoes for keeping her skin looking youthful. The potatoes are grown in a part of Japan called Yuzurihara, an area known for longer life expectancies. The potatoes are extremely rich in hyaluronic acid. The acid is said to moisturize and maintain elasticity in the skin. The actress shared her anti-aging recipe with InStyle.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe SaldanaZoe Saldana learned some great, natural beauty secrets from a book her mother bought at a garage sale in her youth, as she told Allure a few years ago in an interview. Some of the tips include soaking her hair in rum for highlights, an oatmeal mask for the face, and mayonnaise for extra-glossy hair.


Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley may be the biggest proponent of putting natural products to use when it comes to beauty. The actress got some attention for her beauty tips when she confessed to David Letterman that she eats a teaspoon of clay.  This is to remove heavy metals from her body. Her au naturel beauty tricks don’t stop there. She told Instyle about her use of beets for lip color and olive oil or coconut oil for the hair in place of conditioner. She uses baking soda for deodorant and clay again in lieu of store-bought toothpaste.

Kate Hudson

kate-hudson-8cf1d859-7b69-45fe-bd8a-e11bcd5643e5Kate Hudson’s trick for vibrant skin just might be the cheapest tip of all. When she’s feeling a little sluggish, the actress dips her face and head into a freezing-cold bowl of ice, proving she’s not afraid to put a little brrr in her her beauty routine.

Scarlett Johansson

scarlettScarlett Johansson gets her radiant skin by washing her face with apple cider vinegar and wiping out redness with the sweep of lemon juice over any problem areas.

Feature photo: Andy Howick/