Everyone has habits, some of them are good and others are not so good. Bad ones can ruin your life, or at the very least, make life difficult. So, how can you stop them once and for all? Here are a few tips that might help you break bad habits for good and achieve a greater level of wellness. And maybe, you will be changing habits from bad to good. It migth not be easy, but it is totally possible to break free.

Replacing and Changing Habits

changing habits woman sadIt is far easier to break a bad habit if you replace it with a good one. Try to plan ahead and choose a substitute for your bad habit. For example, if you crave a cigarette, replace it with some chewing gum or sugar free candy. Also, take a moment to clear your mind and incorporate some breathing exercises to take your mind off the urge to smoke. For those who struggle with clearing their mind they might want to replace smoking cigarettes with e liquid in a vape pen. But most should be able to clear their mind and practice mindfulness. If you are obsessed with social media, close your eyes for a few moments and take this opportunity for a small meditation practice. Delay the need to peek at your Instagram every 5 minutes. Take longer breaks each time before looking at Facebook. Or, perhaps try a week long social media detox. You will feel better for switching and changing habits like these for another healthier option.?

Of course, there are some issues that are more than just a bad habit. Perhaps you have an addiction where you might need assistance to cure. If you have a drug addiction, you will need medical help and intervention. You can find more information about this at https://enterhealth.com/outpatient-ocoe/, but many people find rehab is the answer. It offers the right level of care, therapy, and counselling to help you overcome your problems. If you happen to fall foul of the law because of your drug addiction, you might end up needing the assistance of a drug lawyer. There is nothing wrong with seeking help when you need it. And, doing so will help you to break the habit more effectively.

Reduce The Triggers

It will help a great deal if you can reduce the triggers for your bad habits. If a cup of coffee makes you want to eat three cookies every time, dont buy the cookies to start with. Or, limit your coffee consumption to breakfast or lunch when you already have a full meal in front of you. Perhaps you are spending too much time binging on many TV shows and thus are neglecting your friends or family. Why not unsubscribe from Netflix or Hulu? Or, limit yourself to one to two shows per day or week, even. a

Find A Buddy

changing habit friends women drinking bar happyIt is very easy to fail at quitting smoking or leaving carbs out of your diet when you do not tell anyone what you are doing. Since no one knows you have failed, so, what does it matter when you do? Therefore, you have to make your actions accountable.? Find yourself a quit smoking buddy or a diet buddy and quit the habits together. Changing habits together with a partner will allow you both to support each other through the tough times.? Living a healthier lifestyle with your partner is a great idea for growth for the both of you, you may want to check out some tools to help you both by viewing companies such as Grasscity, you may want to view our selection of bubblers online and other tools depending on which will help you cut down and then hopefully go cold turkey if that is the healthiest option for you.

Visualize Yourself Succeeding

See yourself as a non-smoker and think how much money you will save. Imagine your nails long and painted if you stop biting them. How much healthier will you feel if you take a half hour walk every day after work instead of turning on the TV? None of these are outside the realms of possibility and visualizing them can help you to succeed.

Remember The Word But

Whenever you have a negative thought about stopping your bad habit, remember the word but. If you look at your nails and think what a mess, but in just a few weeks they could be beautiful. Perhaps you failed at task, but you pick yourself back up and keep trying again. Or, you feel defeated, but? you know there are friends and family to support you anytime along the way. The but will ensure that you never give up on changing habits from bad to good.?

If you have more than one bad habit you want to break, attack one at a time. Beating the first one will motivate you to break the next. The sense of achievement will make the second one even easier to break. Good luck!

Feature photo: Quang Anh Ha Nguyen / Pexels

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