Relationships are all about attraction and connection. People may fall in love at the drop of a hat. Whether you fall in love between traffic lights or have a momentous moment in Starbucks. The qualities that make you enticed by a particular person can be broken down into the categories of physical and emotional attraction. To find out what that means and how to balance out your relationship through that, follow on below:

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What attracts you to your partner?

When we are referencing attraction, there is an array of possibilities to consider. It’s different for every individual to know what makes someone attractive to them. Attraction can be deeply chemical in either a positive light or negatively in a superfluously addicting manner. Aside from the ultimate feelings of desire to be with this person without understanding why, there may or may not be anything underneath the surface needed to create a stable and fulfilling partnership. In addition, it is your responsibility to uncover those facts. You see, attraction is unique to each individual and is prioritized on different levels. Some people are attracted to money while others are attracted to body type or age. Other people are simply attracted to mental stimulation. Whatever your particular qualifications are for choosing a mate, know that what attracted you to this person is just the initial shock of love. Real love goes way beyond those superficial exterior details.

What is physical attraction?

Physical attraction is like a temptation, an exterior quality. Once you have it, you feel temporarily on a high. It is all about chemicals interacting with each other to create a state of desire. It might seem powerful, exciting, and passionate in the moment, but it is not stable. It is a fleeting sensation that does not guarantee success. In a long term relationship simply because it focuses on something that is highly changeable on a day to day basis. Thus, if you choose to prioritize solely on appearance and create traditions around physical attractiveness, this can lead to egotistic behaviors including insecurity, emptiness, and overall unhappiness in the long run. But if your relationship is built on mutual affection but you and your partner need a bit of a boost in the bedroom to keep the spark there or just want to try something different see this page.

What is emotional attraction?

Whereas physical attraction regards the limited outward interpretation of the self, emotional attraction unlocks certain barriers and begins the journey inside the self through a deeper connection. Through that kind of honest bonding, real relationships are made that are healthy and inspiring. Thelasthonestguy states that, “An emotional attraction is when a man likes a woman for her personality and not necessary only her looks”. As simple as it is, a deep meaningful connection begins at that root of understanding. Therefore, a long lasting connection where two people grow together and evolve to be better people is what emotional attraction is all about.

What connects you to your partner?

Real love is a simple concept yet is complex in its own right. Once the physical attraction has subsided, we need something more to hold onto to make us feel fulfilled and at peace. This is the beginning of a true connection, this is emotional attraction. What do you two share? What are your core values? Are you family oriented or an adventurer who travels day by day? What morals do you desire to build off on? Can you talk to one another without being condescending? Begin here to see if your emotional needs match.

How to maintain a healthy relationship

Now that you know the difference between a superficial physical attraction and a deeper emotional connection, it can help you stabilize your relationship so that there is a strong foundation of commitment and understanding throughout. Connection reinforces emotional interaction. Still, you can’t deny a powerful physical attraction to someone. However, you must not let it lead in your decision making for when you have to choose a long term partner. Knowing how to love yourself and your partner for who they are on the inside is a start. Focus on similar hobbies, learning new things, and not isolating or limiting yourself to something you don’t feel comfortable with.

There you have it lovers! The next time you find yourself eying your next lover, think about whether you desire gaining a temporary high based on a physically appealing night or perhaps you crave a long lasting meaning relationship rooted in emotional unification.


Written by: Levita Galinsky


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