Don’t Blow Dry Your Hair, RevAir It! A Revolutionary Hair Dryer

Put down the blowdryer and pick up a RevAir. You'll be blown away.

RevAir blow-dry

If you’re like any of us, you are most likely blow-drying your hair after every wash, daily or at least every other day.  For those of us that have wavy or curly hair, it takes even longer to dry & straighten the hair and style it to our desire.  Let’s not even mention using a straighter afterwards and all the hair products we have to use to get it to our ideal look.  It’s a lot of work to say the least and who has the money or time to constantly go to a blow dry bar?

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Now, but if we told you, there is a new product in the market that is changing the way we dry and style our hair?  We, professional women are always looking for new ways to improve our beauty regime and save time. So, we’re excited to introduce this new awesome hair product.  Drumroll please…… it’s called RevAir, a revolutionary blowdryer that uses less heat and takes less time to dry your hair.  At the same time, give you a beautiful salon like look.  Do I have your attention yet?  Let’s dive in and learn all about RevAir and how it’s disrupting the beauty industry.

How RevAir Started

Their journey started with one resourceful dad’s use of vacuum suction to make ponytails for his daughters.   He noticed that this method made his own daughter’s hair feel softer. Based on initial tests and dramatic results, he knew that the combination of reverse-air and heat was worth pursuing.  They spent four years developing this product which included, hundreds of prototypes, and thousands of trials.  Then finally, RevAir, “The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer” was launched in 2018.

About RevAir

RevAir is a groundbreaking beauty company that’s turning the hair industry on its head. Debuted in 2018 with its namesake Reverse-Air Dryer, RevAir introduced a product that delivers on its promise.  The RevAir team is passionate and highly skilled beauty industry experts.  They are focused on delivering a solution to their customers.

RevAir offers an attention-grabbing, life-changing device that works on even the curliest and most coily hair. This is the world’s first and only Reverse-Air Dryer.  It’s a drying tool that harnesses the power of reverse-air (suction) to dry hair straight.

Reverse-air uniquely enables less heat to effectively dry hair.  It also takes less time, than blown heat. Incredible results are as easy as wash, Rev, LOVE!

How It Works

The wand creates a reverse-air tunnel that surrounds your hair from root to tip.  It has heated air to naturally dry and straighten your hair. The high heat setting is half the wattage of a standard blow dryer. There is also a low heat setting and it can be used with no heat, as a cool shot of air. Reverse-air moves heat in the natural direction of cuticles helping to smooth hair. Consistent tension effectively straightens hair replacing need for a brush’s damaging friction. Learn more.

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