Self-discipline is the foundation for a happy and contented life. But how can you gain and maintain self-discipline in a consistent fashion? Whether you want to accomplish a simple task or an ambitiously charged goal, self discipline will be the most important trait that is needed to help get you there. Self discipline requires quality repetition for long term success. To figure out how to get better disciplined and achieve your desired goals, follow on below:

Why you need self discipline in your life

You might think self discipline is a strict way of living life that contains limits without rewards. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The greatest rewards from success come from maintaining a high level of self discipline. The people who are in control of their lives from positive lifestyle habits to maintaining work/relationship achievement are better disciplined. Self disciplined people are in essence better able to deal with goal conflicts. This is what stops many people from going that extra step to completing a goal or project when things get difficult. Either you get lazy or you start to lose motivation for improvement. Self discipline is about making rational decisions quickly without being overwhelmed by emotions. Over time, you will see that when you are self disciplined, you will be able to make effective decisions that lead to positive results.

Concoct routines, commit, and create

Creating routines is an imperative way to get moving and get disciplined on a daily basis. The Feel Good Lifestyle adds that, “Look for all the ways you can “routinize” your life, and you’ll gain the double benefit of having better habits while conserving more of your willpower. One of our mind’s greatest flaws is that it often struggles to get things started. But once we’re in flow, it’s easy to keep going.” Have a goal, believe in it and in you, and take action soon after you have stated your goals. This eventually leads to habit formation, which essentially creates positive long term commitments. In essence, poor habits are easily released (things such as temporary gratifications like alcohol, junk food, etc.) and you will be building a foundation of focus and control of yourself. This is the ultimate goal.

Keep up a healthy balanced diet and workout regimen

Self discipline can’t work if you are not properly fueled from the inside out. With respect to self-discipline, eating healthy and working out regularly provide you with the internal tools needed to make better daily decisions. For instance, often times when blood sugar levels are lower, your ability to focus or concentrate diminishes. In essence, you want your brain to be functioning at an optimal level for a higher level of success. Notice when you get hungry and take little snacks throughout the day such as fruit in order to stay on track. You should consume healthy fats and proteins on a daily basis to keep up your energy levels.

Exercise for both mind and body

Adding exercise regimens to your lifestyle fundamentally enhances your overall mental performance so that you can think from clearer perspective. Daily movement and exercise reduces pessimistic moods and contributes to a better sleeping pattern. Kelly McGonigal Ph.D suggests that, “Practicing mindfulness meditation for a few minutes each day can actually boost willpower by building up gray matter in areas of the brain that regulate emotions and govern decision making.”

How to deal with temptations

You need to first acknowledge that temptations will always be here. Some people need to experience the temptations while others are fully aware of the circumstances and move past them. Once you have fully understood the concept of temptations, you would need to initially remove the temptations that specifically affect you. So identify those temptations that are common distractions to you personally. This is where self control comes into play. As soon as you begin to remove the bothersome temptations out of your immediate environment, your habits will slowly but surely begin to change for the better. An example for getting more productive for instance would be to put your cell phone on Airplane mode while studying or working and to always keep healthy snacks and meals in your fridge. No more procrastination; begin with your own dose of internal inspiration.

Keeping a journal and tracking progress

Self discipline is like an exercise routine fit for a specific muscle group. The more you use it, the stronger the muscle gets in terms of stability and consistency. While tracking your progress, think about utilizing a journal to examine how you are doing with your chosen goals on a daily basis. A journal is a great way to program your mind to be more motivated, focused, attentive, and organized. Journals are an effective visual aid that aim to clearly produce a sense of progress (the self disciplined mind feeds off of small intervals of progress), even if some days were not ideal. Especially on those days that seemed to be slipping, here is where you might want to adjust accordingly so that you can get back on track. Did you slip up because you went back to your temptations?

Don’t forget to reward yourself

Make a note, remove the temptations from your environment, and start again. Don’t fall into the trap of sabotaging your own efforts. And once you begin to see positive results, reward yourself. Grab a spa day or take a relaxing yoga class. Buy a dress or suit for your hard work. Success begins with small but accurate completed goals.

At the end of the day, you want to focus on simplifying your life.  This is in order to gain better control of it and create self discipline for a rewarding and contented future. Refocus your priorities to eliminate temptations, improve on your lifestyle habits like eating well and exercising regularly, and reward yourself for good behavior. In time you will become self disciplined and appreciate yourself and your choices in a positive and happy manner.