Time and again, we find ourselves out of sorts, mentally and physically. Our bodies should be treated like a temple, but sometimes we don’t necessarily stay the course. The mistakes that we make take us down a road where our bodies aren’t functioning at its best. You’ll notice symptoms like fatigue, weakness, and a lack of lust for life. Time is not standing still and the months seem to be passing us by so quickly. So, let’s take back our lives and our bodies. And, let’s get back our mental and physical confidence. Here are two main areas which need your immediate attention.

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Stop Damaging Your Body

First of all, you need to think about those bad habits that you give yourself an excuse to continue. Stop them now. You know what they are–drinking too much, smoking, eating too much, staying up late, to name a few. And for some, it’s taking on too much for their body to handle, namely at work. If you have a pretty physical job, it’s so easy for you to injure your body. One of the worst things that you can do is damage your spine due to heavy lifting. But, should you require medical attention, you could go to a rehabilitation center to help you recover.

Two of the more harmful ways to damage our bodies is by smoking or drinking. The smoking habit is sometimes hard to kick. But it is not something that cannot be done. From vape pens, the accessories such as e liquid that goes with it, nicotine patches and even nasal sprays, these are just a few methods to make quitting a whole lot easier and reduce your nicotine intake.

If you are interested in switching cigarettes with E-Cigs, you may want to take a look at something like e liquid nz, for the latest accessories. There are many different brands and types of vapes so you should make sure that the vape you are using will be high quality and you are using only the best. There are reviews like Best Vape Batteries of 2018 – Best 18650 Vape Battery – Reviews that can help you find the best option for you as well as modding guides written by Vaping360 to make your experience even better! Remember that when it comes to vaping, there is a certain etiquette one must follow. You need to know where you can and cannot vape and also if vaping your favourite e liquid in public spaces is allowed in your current location. Drinking is also hard to fix, as it can often be acceptable for social events and yet and turn into a long term addiction. Some use alcohol as a means to escape their daily problems. If you find yourself tucking into a bottle of wine every night, substitute it for going to the gym. Yes, it will be hard, but try to replace the bottle with something else. If you are able to refrain from these bad habits, you will be able to regain your physical confidence in no time.

Stop Putting Yourself Down

Our mind plays a big of a part in our overall confidence. If you’re not in the right frame of mind to move your body forward, then you’re not going achieve your goals as quickly as you would like. When you’ve been feeling lousy and your body has been weak, it’s hard to get in the right frame of mind to make a difference.

So, it’s time to stop the negative self-talk. Such toxicity is even more destructive than criticism that you receive from others. Speaking to yourself in a negative way is harmful to your mental wellbeing. Be kind to yourself. Encourage yourself. Take time to have a negativity detox from yourself. Enlist the help of friends or family to encourage you. The more support and love you have around you, the easier it’ll be to find the motivation to change. Changing your overall mental attitude will give you both mental and physical confidence in the long run. You can do it! We believe in you.

Feature photo: Hannah Busing / Unsplash

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