Couple Workouts

Couple workouts are a great way to get in shape and motivate each other to keep improving.  There are many research studies that have found working out with your partner, can also increase your happiness as well as create a long-lasting emotional bond.  Hitting the gym together gives you the opportunity to take time out of your busy day to connect. It’s also a great way to release stress and accomplish something together.  Below are some of the best exercises to try out with your partner during your next workout session.

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Reach and Touch Planks

Couple Workouts
Photo credit: Men’s Fitness

To perform this exercise, you and your partner should lie face down on the floor with heads facing each other. Keep the distance between your heads far enough to enable you to hold your partner’s hands when you reach out. To begin, get your body in the plank position and encourage your partner to do the same. With your body as straight as possible, reach out with your right arm and slap your partner’s left hand. Return to the initial position and stretch out your left arm to hit her right arm. After your two arms reach out to slap her two hands, that counts as a complete set. This couple workout may be somewhat complicated during the initial days but try to complete at least 3 sets of 10 touches.

Leg Throw Down

Couple Workouts
Photo Credit: Women’s Health and Fitness

Begin by lying with your face up and ask your partner to stand immediately next to your head facing the direction of your legs. Where possible, encourage your boo to move forward a little and place your head between their legs. While holding their ankles, raise your legs up keeping them together. When your legs reach a reasonable height, ask your partner to hold your feet and push them back towards the ground. Encourage your partner to throw your feet in different directions unexpectedly say right, left or the middle. This workout is not as aggressive as it sounds and at least 10 sets repeated thrice should suffice for each training session.

Wheelbarrow Squats

Get your body in a push-up position and encourage your partner to lift and hold your feet as if they are ready for a wheelbarrow race. With your legs straight and your abs muscles very tight, your partner will squat while you complete a push-up. You can decrease the level of difficulty by remaining still, while you partner completes their set of squats. If you are performing wheelbarrow squats, consider scheduling a couple massage since this workout tends to stretch your arm and belly muscles significantly.

Sit Ups and Medicine Ball

Couple Workouts
Photo Credit: Surge Fitness

Hold a medicine ball on your chest and lie on the floor with your face up. With your knees bent and your legs slightly apart, encourage your partner to hold your feet firmly into the ground with her knees. To begin the exercise, exhale and use your abs to sit up until your chest is close enough to your knees as you toss the medicine ball to your partner. Inhale and lower your back towards the floor as your partner tosses the ball back to you. Make sure you catch the ball before reaching the initial position to complete one set. At least 10 sets repeated thrice for each session is good enough.

Kneel on the floor near your partner facing opposite directions and interlocking your legs. Using a medicine ball, slowly twist to the right with your abs muscles tight and hand over the ball to your partner. Encourage your partner to rotate on the left side and hand over the ball back to you. Continue passing the ball in one direction for about 60 to 90 seconds then repeat the exercise in reverse.


If you want to achieve your fitness goals faster and spend quality time and connect with your partner, consider tagging along to the gym. They will not only help you avoid snoozing the alarm every day, but will also motivate you during the entire workout session.  Do not forget to go for a healthy smoothie afterward to cool off!

British Solomon is a contributing writer and media specialist for Pure Barre. She regularly produces content for a variety of health and lifestyle blogs.



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