Christian Louboutin, the iconic shoe designer, has joined forces with the equally iconic actress Glenn Close to create a show-stopping heel to celebrate her return to Broadway as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Close, who won a Tony for her first portrayal of Desmond more than 20 years ago, returns to the stage with the same flair and eccentricity she portrayed the first time around.

Gloria Swanson “Sunset Boulevard” 1950

In a recent interview with New York Magazine’s fashion site, The Cut, she spoke of the character. “Norma Desmond is one of the great characters ever written for a woman, certainly a woman of a certain age.” So, it’s only fitting that Christian Louboutin would create an exclusive heel to match the character’s over-the-top costumes. Louboutin told WWD of his vision for the shoe, “If you look at the clothes you see one with a turban, which was the inspiration [for the shoe].”

But behind this collaboration was a greater purpose that goes beyond fashion, as all of the profits from sales of the red-soled heels will go to benefit BC2M. Bring Change 2 Mind is an organization that Close is a Co-Founder of, that strives to open a dialogue concerning mental illness. The actress, who herself suffers from bipolar disorder, started the organization in 2010.

The shoes were unveiled at a lavish fete with Louboutin and Close this week at New York’s Baccarat Hotel. Guests mingled with celebrities, sipped champagne and walked a way with a signed pair of the soon-to-be-famous heels fit for the likes of Broadway’s iconic Norma Desmond.


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