Luxury Beauty Meets Timeless Japanese Beliefs

Geisha secret Tatcha Beauty founder Glossy Girl Victoria Tsai
Victoria Tsai and geisha Kyoko, during a trip to Kyoto. (Photo courtesy of Tatcha).

It took a chance encounter with a geisha in Kyoto, Japan that led Victoria Tsai, founder of Tatcha, on a journey that has now created the 21st fastest-growing private company in the country, according to Inc.Magazine’s 2015 rankings. The skincare company, which started in 2009, adopts a more natural approach to beauty that is based upon old-world Japanese beauty secrets. Inspired by the geisha she met in her Eastern travels, Tsai realized that less is more when it comes to skincare. From geisha encounters to creating an uber successful skincare brand, this is why Victoria Tsai is our Glossy Girl of the Month.

Glossy Girl Tatcha Beauty Founder Victoria Tsai
Victoria Tsai with Tatcha scientist. Photo courtesy of Tatcha.

To create and deliver the purest products, Tatcha works with the most talented scientists in both Japan and the United States to create each individual formula from scratch. The ingredients in the products are based upon the core staples of a healthy Japanese diet, including green tea, rice and algae. Just as the geisha had relied upon years ago for their own beauty practices, Tsai believed these ingredients are staples of the most natural beauty regimen. All of the products in the Tatcha line are suitable for normal to oily skin and is non-irritating, non-sensitizing and dermatologist-tested.

The Water Cream

Glossy Girl Victoria Tsai Tatcha water creamTatcha’s latest offerings go back to these same core staples of the purest ingredients.  The Water Cream is an anti-aging water-cream based moisturizer packed with powerful Japanese botanicals, including the Japanese wild rose, thought to tighten pores and smooth skin; and the Japanese leopard lily, which aids in controlling excess oil and clarifies the skin. Also new to the skincare line is the Violet-C Radiance Mask. Packed with the combination of seven types of fruit, 2 kinds of Vitamin C and Japanese Beautyberry, the mask gets rid of dull, uneven skin to uncover a radiant glow that increases over time.

Inspired by the traditional geisha’s well-known red-hued lips, Tatcha’s Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick is one of the company’s bestsellers. It’s been featured in countless beauty and fashion magazines as a go-to lip shade. Another bestseller is the new Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm. Packed with nourishing Camellia Oil and 23-karat gold flakes, the balm is both moisturizing and chic.

Beauty Gives Back

Glossy Girl Victoria Tsai Tatcha and Room to Read's Girls Education
Victoria Tsai with girls in the Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. Photo Credit: Annie Holmes (Courtesy of Tatcha)

Tatcha is not only committed to offering natural, simplistic authentic products and experiences, but it also has a philanthropic commitment to the world as well. Teaming up with Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program, every purchase of a full-size skincare item funds a day of school for girls in Africa and Asia who might not have had this opportunity for school without the aid of this organization and Tatcha. To date, Tatcha has funded over 1 million days of school.

Meet Glossy Girl Victoria Tsai

We wanted to talk to Victoria in depth about Tatcha and more, so we sat down to ask her a few questions.

GC: What inspired you to create/start Tatcha?

VT: Several years ago, I tested a variety of skincare products on my face and ended up with acute dermatitis on my face—bleeding, blistering, cracking and peeling all over. It was hard to look people in the eye. Two years of oral and topical antibiotics and steroids eventually got my skin under control, but the doctors said it would never be the same. I began traveling in search of a better approach to skincare, and found myself in Kyoto. Their timeless ingredients and skincare rituals gave me my skin back. Part of the reason I created Tatcha was to share this with others, and part of it was so I could always have it for myself!

GC: What special/unique ingredients do you use in your products?
Glossy Girl Victoria Tsai Tatcha ingredients
Pure Tatcha ingredients (green tea, rice, and seaweed). Photo courtesy of Tatcha.

VT: The ingredients we use are often seen in the Japanese diet. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it makes sense that ingredients that are good for your health are also good for your skin. Our formulas are built on ingredients like green tea, rice and seaweed. What makes them unique is that we formulate each item from scratch, like a couture dress. We use pure, high-quality ingredients, minimally manipulated to be maximally efficacious.

GC: What sets Tatcha apart from other luxury skincare brands?

VT: For a long time, the skincare that I used was working against my skin instead of with it. I would use an aggressive, alcohol-based cleanser that stripped moisture from my skin, then overload it with heavy creams or butters to try and make up for it. When we create formulas at Tatcha, the idea is to work with the skin, not against it. We use ingredients that have been beloved for centuries and keep the formulas pure and minimalist for radiant, baby-soft skin.

GC: For women on a limited budget, what are the three must-have products to start their skincare and beauty regimen?

Glossy Girl Victoria Tsai Tatcha beauty products
Tatcha must-haves [Pure (one step cleansing oil), The Deep Polish (rice enzyme powder), The Essence, The Water Cream]
VT: The Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, because you should always remove your makeup with a formula that doesn’t steal moisture from the skin. The Polished Rice Enzyme Powder, because gentle daily exfoliation is the key to baby-soft, smooth skin. The Essence, because it makes all your skincare treatments work more effectively.

GC: Tell us more about your partnership with Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. Why this organization?

VT: We always wanted to have a giving model built into Tatcha, but it was important to find the right partner. Room to Read has a reputation for being one of the most successful organizations creating change through education. Their transparency and efficacy are truly respected in the field, as well as their desire to constantly learn and grow. Through our Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures partnership, each full-size skincare purchase funds a day of school for an incredible girl in a low-income country.

GC: What advice do you have for women entrepreneurs?

VT: Have a point of view and commit to it. At Tatcha, we worked as a value to define a set of values that we live by, and those values help us define each and every decision we make.

Victoria Tsai is one Glossy Girl making her mark in the world of beauty and making a difference in the world as well. She is pure proof that timeless beauty and enriched minds are the perfect, purest match.


Tatcha logo Glossy GirlGIVEAWAY

Lastly, thanks to Victoria and her fabulous team at Tatcha, we are proud to announce that we will be giving away The Water Cream to one lucky recipient on December 16, 2017. To enter for your chance to receive this amazing moisturizer, ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE.


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