Feminism… In today’s political climate, this can be a tricky word. It seems like, as soon as you take a stance on something, you run the risk of becoming a human battering ram for the opposition. That didn’t stop Emilia Clarke from recently publishing a 900-word essay on Huffington Post about her feminist mind set. It goes something like this:

“Positive action starts with small individual deeds that accumulate over time and become a movement… a movement toward a more equal society where kindness anchors our feet to the ground while giving us the momentum to keep chipping away together.

Emilia Clarke

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A movement anchored in kindness… That’s pretty tough to throw stones at. And it’s one that Emilia Clarke has taken as she advances into brighter and brighter lights of stardom. In a world of fantasy, she’s the Mother of Dragons. In this world, she’s our Glossy Girl of the Month because her personal strength and willingness to stand by what she believes in is so infectious, she could easily become the Mother of Inspiration.

Personal Life

Emilia grew up in a setting she’s described as “idyllic on every level“. She was raised in a happy home where she and her brother did things like stroll along garden streams to go mushroom picking. She’s proud to admit she was blessed; her parents worked hard to ensure she and her brother had every opportunity.

When Emilia graduated high school, she applied to all the top-notch drama schools in Britain. She got rejected from every. single. one. What did she do? She strapped on an apron, took a job as a waitress, and began the application process all over again.

When life deals us a worthless hand, we’re not supposed to push in all our chips and walk away from the table. We’re supposed to bluff it ’til we make it! My yoga teacher quietly murmurs this reminder at the start of class: “Things are working out. Whether we realize it or not, things are working out exactly the way they’re meant to.” I feel like Emilia was telling herself this as she bussed tables and rested her weary feet every night.

Acting Life

Emilia’s life lessons didn’t end there. Finally, she was accepted into one of her choice drama schools. Once she made it through the doors, she got the sense she wasn’t “the best” or “the favorite”. Instead of allowing that to make her dull around the edges, she says:

If you’re a favorite at school, you’re [screwed] for life. I mean, you come out and you’re like, ‘Hey, where’s my golden egg?’ Whereas when you haven’t had that at all, you’re just like, ‘I will do anything. I will work harder than you could imagine.’

One of the biggest highs in life is sitting down with your pot of tea and doing a mental inventory of all the achievements hard work has brought your way. Not only has Emilia achieved world renowned success where, literally, the fifth stratosphere is her limit, she’s exceptionally good at her craft! I’ll never forget the night my friend and I watched Me Before You. We kept saying, “Gosh – I know her. Who is she? Let’s IMDB her.” When we realized it was Emilia, our popcorn exploded in our laps as we shouted in disbelief! This is a woman who will not be typecast.

Enormous Life

Sadly, in 2016, her father died. It was hard on her for all the reasons you’d imagine: that sense of loss, the struggle to live with a giant hole inside of you. It was, perhaps, worse for Emilia because she didn’t make it home in time to say goodbye. Upon her return to set, Emilia admitted that, occasionally, something would remind her of her father and literally take her breath away.

She admitted, “You underestimate the enormity of it. I didn’t know feeling this way was possible. But, she didn’t break down. Instead, she channeled her emotions into her work. If anything, she’d slip away for a moment, privately compose herself, and then hop back on her dragon to kick some booty.

Emilia has remarked that, when Game of Thrones ends, she anticipates a certain shakeup in her life. What’s interesting is, if you think about her character on Game of Thrones, she didn’t become Mother of Dragons by force. Circumstances led her there. But once she arrived, she arrived. The unsullied would literally die for her. It has to be pointed out that there’s a strong parallel between that aspect of Daenerys and Emilia Clarke herself. They both have an innate ability to lead an entire movement of change, whether that was their initial goal in life or not. To learn more about Emilia’s character in Game of Thrones, people can watch the show on their TV. If any homeowners don’t have access to the correct channel, it might be worth looking for some Dish TV Packages 2021, for example, to make sure you can watch Emilia’s amazing portrayal of Daenerys.

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Emilia stands as a beacon of personal strength – and she does so with such bright, beautiful enthusiasm. She’ll always be a reminder that, if you remain strong and stand by what you know to be true, you just might find yourself sitting pretty after a big win in life’s game of thrones. Why not consider every day as an opportunity to turn in your apron for a couple of dragon eggs? All you have to do is try.


  1. I love Emilia Clark, I love how she fits every role that she plays perfectly. It’s hard to believe that someone so talented could get rejected. But it goes to show you that you should never give up on your dreams!

  2. Hi, Laura! I know, right? It was so shocking to see her roles change from Game of Thrones to that romantic drama, Me Before You! You’re right about never giving up. She certainly followed her heart straight to her “happy” place!

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