Glossy Girl of the Month: Lindsey Vonn

If you dont pay for the commercial-free version of Hulu, youve likely seen an ad or two that contained the gorgeous and enigmatic athlete Lindsey Vonn. Shes all over the place right now, and with just cause. At 33, she stands as the most decorated female skier in the history of the sport.

Lindsey Vonn
Vonn competing in Stockholm Sweden (Feb 23, 2016)

And this years 2018 Winter Olympics are particularly poignant because its likely to be her last run. While shes going out at the top, a top that may never be surpassed, its still going to be an emotional moment for this female titan. As we gear up to watch her soar through the air like a shooting star, lets pause for a moment to reflect on exactly what it takes to be the best of the best. Although she is at the top, there have been moments when she has had to rebound. Whether from numerous injuries to personal strife, Lindsey Vonn embodies the strength and resilience that we value in every Glossy Girl of the Month.

Her Life

Doesnt Lindsey Vonn look like shes fresh off the slopes of Sweden? With her gorgeous blond hair and sparkling hazel eyes, she kind of embodies a Scandinavian Princess. Elsa never stood a chance! Interestingly enough, Lindseys of Norwegian decent but born and raised in Minnesota. Lindseys father had a national junior ski title under his belt by the age of 18 but suffered a knee injury that put him out of the game. Perhaps thats part of the reason why Lindsey slipped into her first pair of skis at the age of two.

Her Firsts

Lindsey Vonn has won four World Cup overall championships, making her one of only two female skiers to do so. She also won the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics for downhill skiing, another first for American women. And this is only scratching the surface. She also has another major record under her belt, winning a total of eight World Cup season titles in the downhill discipline.

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn wins overall downhill World Cup during the Alpine Ski World Cup (Mar. 16, 2011)


But, it doesnt end there. Heres the big picture effect shes had on women everywhere. Throughout Lindseys career, shes won an astonishing 78 World Cup races in all five disciplines of alpine skiing. That sets her at the top of the peak for an all-time womens record. Stacking her Olympic gold and bronze medals against her World Championship gold and silver medals – while sprinkling in her World Cup titles – Lindsey is the most successful skier in world history. Theres no question a true legend walks among us.

Her Empowerment

Sports Illustrated published a beautiful piece on Lindsey in January of this year. This line seems to sum her up entirely. She has an uncommon ability to move past any wound.

When you consider the speed at which skiers race down treacherous mountains, its easy to see how dangerous the sport can be. But, no one can argue Lindsey has endured the highest number of injuries. That must be the karmic scale in life, given her title of the highest number of victories. Shes endured everything from shin bruises, to concussions. Shes blown out her right knee, fully torn her ACL, and fractured her right humerus, among a wealth of other injuries.

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn walks the runway (Feb 6, 2014)

Which do you think is worse? Physical pain or emotional pain? If youre not an avid skier, you may not have heard of Lindsey until Tiger Woods entered the scene. In truth, long before Tiger, Lindsey had already survived one marriage and divorce. She was young very young. In fact, she met her ex-husband when she was only 16. They married when she was 22. Due to her fathers objections, this put a terrible rift in their relationship, one that lasted six years.

In hindsight, Lindsey told the Sports Illustrated reporter, I probably shouldnt have gotten married so young. But I wont say I regret it. I got older and things just changed. And there it is. Perhaps this is why shes so resilient. She doesnt sit around and wallow over her scars and missteps. She chalked her marriage up to people change and refuses to regret it.

Seeing her attitude of acceptance, and personal female empowerment, are we onto her hidden secret? She doesnt regret her time in the limelight with Tiger, either, despite its torrent of social media cruelty. Lindsey and Tiger are still friends to this day and she wishes him success in his sport.

Radical Acceptance

Lets get back to Lindseys attitude of acceptance. The word acceptance seems to have an undertone of complacency, doesnt it? In truth, its not about giving up. Its about winning the mental battle over your current struggle and standing back up again.

Heres a great line from Psychology Today on the subject: Suffering is what you do with that pain and the interpretation you put on the pain. Suffering is optional; pain is not. Lindsey Vonn has often remarked on her sadness over missing the Sochi Olympics due to her injuries. However, that became an opportunity to exercise her acceptance muscles, as opposed to drawing the shades on life.

The 2018 Winter Olympics

Its likely the 2018 Winter Olympics will be Lindseys final run. She says shes skiing for her late grandfather, who had as much impact on her at the age of two as her own father. If you want to throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and sit down to watch her dominate the slopes, heres when shell be competing. Her fist super-G is on Friday, February 16 and her final combined event will be Friday, February 23.

Lindsey Vonn

What do you say we get behind her and watch her win one more gold medal? I’m sure a lot of the country will get behind her to support her from home, but it would be amazing if the whole country supported her. This could encourage her to achieve even more. Perhaps the people at home could consider writing on social media to support her or even flying the national flag on a wooden flagpole outside their home. That would be amazing for her to see. She deserves a medal. According to social media, she’s even looking forward to finding love. If you follow her on Twitter, youll see shes even looking for love in this final chapter of her life as an Olympian! And why shouldnt we always carry hope in our heart?

Lets promise ourselves today to always wish for the best possible scenario. Lets perfect our lives the way Lindseys perfected her sport. When life opens up a crater in front of us, and we fall and tear our ACL, lets get back up again. As we accept lifes hidden tripwires, embrace them as part of our existence, and move forward toward greatness, heres hoping we all set a personal record for a life well-lived.