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As more and more research is done on gluten sensitivities, let’s look into how going gluten-free can impact our lives for the better. Whether this is a temporary decision or a permanent lifestyle preference, it is a personal choice. With the help of your medical professional, you can learn all about the reasons why you should. Follow on below to learn more:

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Which foods contain gluten?

Before you decide to alter your diet and limit your overall gluten intake, let us first get to know what foods actually contain it in the first place. It is in grains, and grains are most commonly found in breads, pastas, cereals, cookies, bagels, etc. Think starchy foods. It is also in alcoholic beverages and beers. Are you eating foods like these? If so, and you are getting fatigued and have digestive issues, you might want to take a break from gluten to ease your lifestyle.

Gluten may be difficult to digest

Have you experienced repeated indigestion after eating a gluten-filled meal? For instance, maybe you had a bowl of milk with cereal or barley soup and you started feeling uncomfortable in your digestion. Dummies.com states that, Many people have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, and dont know it. So, how many people fall into this category? No one knows for sure. But 1 in 100 people has celiac disease but most dont know it. No one knows how many people have sensitivity, but estimates are that it may be as high as 50 percent, or even 70 percent, of the population. Celiac disease is essentially a digestive disorder that’s triggered by the gluten protein found in wheat, barley, and other grains.

Leaky gut is on the rise

The digestive system is prone to irritation if the good bacteria is unbalanced with the bad bacteria within the gut, thus causing leaky gut. Gluten may kill off the good bacteria and can then lead to creating leakages in the intestinal tract so that undigested particles leak into your bloodstream, causing all kinds of toxicity within the body including allergies, bloating/gas, and other inflammatory effects. If you are experiencing a leaky gut, you may benefit from a reviewed supplement like total restore; this not only replenishes vital bacteria in your gut but relieves the ailments of leaky gut, soothes gut inflammation, and reduces food cravings to help keep the pounds off. This is definitely something to consider if you are a sufferer of a leaky gut.

Reduce gluten, minimize stress

By the time it takes to digest all that heavy gluten-dense foods, you are already tired. The simple process of digesting takes a toll on the body. Therefore, this is where stress begins to increase. Because we may not want to change our dietary habits, we will miss the signs and stubbornly go along with eating those same foods that cause us distress simply because we dont like change. Once you focus on listening to your body, you can remove stress one layer at a time, starting with your diet.

Removing gluten makes more space for fruits and veggies

If you think about it, we spend so much time eating gluten-dense foods that we miss out on the opportunity of eating a variety of other delicious whole foods. By removing gluten filled products from your diet, you leave more room for fruits and veggies. The freshness of eating raw juicy fruits and steamed vegetables will give your body food that is easy to digest and absorb. Plus, the dense nutritional value of fruits and vegetables will add vitality to your day to day routines.

Deprogram your eating habits

Psychologically speaking, we typically grow up with certain eating habits that make up our survival instinct. We learn that as we got older, while things around us might have changed and caused all sorts of experiences, food remains somewhat constant, almost like a security blanket. Once we have made this set up in our brains, the slightest dietary change will have most likely impact our psychological state because we referenced those same eating patterns to the basic principle of survival. So to undo the programming of eating these certain foods like breads, pastas, cakes, etc., we need to release the control of foods being a means for numbing out our own inner pain.

A gluten-free way of living may help you gain clarity, energy, and freedom from the restrictive eating guidelines you were once programmed to enforce. Happy gluten-free eating!


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