If you haven’t noticed, everyone seems to be jumping on the yoga train. We could sit back and list off the benefits of yoga, but most of you already know that yoga significantly improves your wellbeing both mentally and physically.  It is a wonderful practice and you should most definitely give it a try if you haven’t before. This being said, breaking into the yoga scene can be intimidating, expensive, and time-consuming if you don’t live near a studio.  Luckily, at home practice is an awesome and accessible option! The problem is, it can sometimes feel impossible to let go and get zen in your own home. Follow these tips and treat yourself to a blissful zen at-home practice:

Music, Music, Music! Music is EVERYTHING when it comes to zoning out the world and zoning in on mindfulness. This being said, you must be careful with your music choice. Most people lean toward slow songs for their practice, and though that’s totally perfect, most slow songs are one (problematic) genre: Love songs. Listening to love songs while in your silent, vulnerable state will pull you directly out of your mindful practice and into a world of nostalgia. Though your resulting thoughts may be positive, they take you away from the present moment and subtract from your overall practice. Listen to songs you don’t know or lyric-less music to avoid a music-induced emotional rollercoaster.

Ten Second Tidy. This one is plain and simple: You CAN’T relax if you’re surrounded by clutter and pending tasks. Take a minute or two to tidy up your space so you don’t have to look at dishes or laundry while you’re trying to mellow out.

Get Away From Your Electronics. Phones on do-not-disturb or completely turned off and computers out of sight, people! there is far too much distraction potential if you keep your electronics around. If you’re using your phone or computer for music, set a playlist and do not touch it again.

Prepare Yourself. Make sure you have EVERYTHING you might need right by your side. Be sure you have water within reach, some layers in case you get cold, all of your yoga props you may need, and even a journal. If you’re in the middle of your practice and you have to go to the kitchen to grab some water, you’ve broken your zen and you’ll either have to start from scratch or you may get distracted and end your practice right there. Trust us, the kitchen is a slippery slope!

Forget About What You Look Like. If you’re overly worried about how you look or your form, this isn’t going to work! You’re in your home by yourself so you’ve got to trust your abilities and roll with it. You must not push yourself into any risky or uncomfortable positions. Just be mindful of your body and do what you can!

BREATHE This one sounds simple, but many people forget to take deep breaths when they’re concentrating on doing a pose properly. Breath, breath, breath! Even if you’re just laying there breathing, that’s something!


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Written By: Brittany Burr, Freelance Writer and Editor In Montreal. Instagram @britburr