Hot coffee is your standard choice of drink on any given morning whether you are heading to work, just waking up, or are in the process of working. It is a quick, strong, and simple option. That being said, we end up limiting our beverage enjoying experiences when we are solely devoted to coffee and nothing else. There are some health benefits to drinking coffee (as can be seen on Awesome Jelly – Click here for examples), but there are also delicious varieties of hot alternatives to coffee that include nutritional benefits, tasty flavors, and increased energy levels. Follow on below to find out more:

Green tea

Green tea has slowly become a staple second to that of coffee. Try brewing some green tea and enjoy the benefits of a slightly lower caffeinated drink than coffee yet calmingly tasty boost of energy. The Catechines in the green tea are powerful antioxidants that help your immune system stay strong. If you are in the mood for a tangy flavored hot beverage, add a half lemon juice to your green tea.

Licorice tea

As kids we all liked that sweet licorice candy taste. Now you can try this uniquely spicy and sweet caffeine-free licorice tea with added health benefits instead of coffee. It supports the adrenal glands, which are responsible for dealing with stress. Therefore, it will enhance your energy levels and act as an adrenal tonic all at the same time.

Hot Apple Cider

Apples are healthy for us for a multitude of reasons, we know that. But have you considered it as a hot beverage? Hot apple cider is a great pick-me-up that soothes your system. In addition, it is naturally sweet, tangy, and rewarding all at the same time.

Schizandra tea

Schizandra herbal tea is brewed from schizandra berries. It has a unique flavor that also quickly replaces your daily java fix. This tea is great for the liver and can help with sleep as well. It also acts as a relaxing tea, calming your nerves and balancing your blood sugar.



LavitaWritten By: Levita Galinsky