Do you need to relieve some stress all the while getting a mind-body relaxation session? Consider ear candles. The art of ear candling can be a great way to remove excess tension, relax the nervous system, and create a soothing atmosphere for a peaceful nights rest.  However, this should not be done too often to not disrupt the natural occurring wax which protest inside the ears. Follow on below for the unique benefits of ear candling:

A soothing experience

The process of ear candling is an ancient phenomenon. These days, it still is considered a highly relaxing experience. We all get stressed out and sometimes we need a new kind of stress reliever to accurately accommodate us. Enter ear candling. Whether you decide to ear candle sitting up or laying down on either your left or right side (make sure someone is watching over you for fire safety), you should feel tranquil and centered. Like a massage which soothes your tense muscles, ear candling soothes and relaxes the ears and whole body as well.

When to utilize ear candles

The optimal time to use ear candles would be after a cold. Usually there is a lot of mucous and ear wax which carries out the last stages of a cold, so that is the ideal time to get all the extra lodged bacteria out of the ear. You want to wait until the cold has fully gone away as to not irritate it or cause the cold to not fully heal.

Do you have itchy ears?

If you’ve seen your doctor and you still have itchy ears, perhaps the ear candle might be of service to you. Sometimes that extra ear wax buildup can create uncomfortable itchiness that seems to never go away. Try a session of ear candling and see if that helps with the itchy ears. If it does, consider ear candling maintenance once a month.

Helps with ear cleansing

Our ears cleanse themselves on a daily basis. They produce earwax which protects the body and especially after a cold, earwax builds up to help fight off the infections. Therefore, ear candling can enhance the process of the natural cleansing properties of the ears especially after your cold has fully healed.

How long should an ear candling session last?

In general, you want to take into consideration that ear candling is not like a workout that should be done daily or even weekly. It enhances the cleansing of ears in a direct fashion.  Try it once a month first and see if it is a right fit for you in terms of comfort and feeling relaxed. Wholistic Health Solutions adds, “Allow 10 to 15 minutes for each candle used.  Adults use a minimum of two candles per ear per session.” After you remove the ear candles, you can check how much earwax has come out of your ears to see if this process works for you. Some sessions more earwax comes out and other times less earwax comes out. Don’t judge based on how much earwax you see. The cleansing is unique to each person and each person might release different amounts of earwax at different times.

So the next time you need to fully relax and want to enter a soothing almost massage-like experience, consider the art of ear candling.  It is great in a calm atmosphere of multiple candles and comforting scents like lavender or tree oil permeating around you.  You can have a positive and delightful experience all the while cleansing your ears and reducing stress levels.