How to Feng Shui your home or office

When you come home or go to work, think about how practical and convenient your space is. Feng shui is an energy restoration procedure where your personal space is altered to represent or fit your current mood. This means that regardless if you have a small cubicle for a job or a limited amount of room in your bedroom, Feng Shui can open up your space in a way that makes it appear capacious. You might also want to look into different space options in case you don’t have a suitable space to productively work, for instance, if you work from home, you might be interested in looking at these office shed kits to start creating a new space that could greatly benefit your workdays. After all, when you balance your home or office space, your disposition is enhanced, your productivity increases, and you have a sense of organization that eases your mind. Therefore, to find quick and simple ways to Feng Shui your home or office space in order to reach maximum comfort and success in your daily routines as well as minimize your stress levels, follow on below:

Clean and Declutter

One of the primary principles of Feng Shui is keeping your space clean and decluttered, as mess and chaos will sap the energy from your space and make you less productive. While you can easily get office cleaning services in Red Deer Alberta to take care of the former concern, not everyone is good at the latter. Paperwork and sticky notes and folders can easily build up across the office unless you enforce order. Dedicate one or two hours each week sorting paper and folders into dedicated areas. Work through gathering spaces of paper and notes one piece at a time. Consider getting a better filing system or a bigger bookshelf. The more space you have to move and the emptier your desk, the less distractions you have and the more energy you have as well.

Plant it up

Plants are always a good idea but we sometimes forget how simple they really are. Since they take up little to no space (depending on the plant of course), consider this Feng Shui tip by getting a plant for your home or office space. Plants contain oxygen that purify the air and provide us with calming feels. Some plants you can choose from which require minimal work are: Jade Plant, Spider Plant, Aloe, and Peace Lily. If you are a novice, be sure to check out how to look after indoor plants. Get planting today!

Create your space

Another Feng Shui tip on personal convenience is setting up office divider walls. Partition or divider walls in an office are important as they prevent disturbance from co-workers, making them ideal for creating private spaces for meeting halls and conference rooms. You might be someone who likes to work with your own space and privacy. With a divider wall, you might even get more productive at work.

Bring on the soothing color tones

When you are in a given space for a long time one is bound to get bored with a monotonous schedule. Color is a unique Feng Shui way of brightening up any room to the point of it positively altering your mood. Let us enter the color blue for instance. It has been said that the light blue has a calming effect on people. Research shows when people are getting interviewed and the interviewer is wearing something blue, the interviewee is less likely to get nervous. So try to focus on adding some delicate blue colors to your walls (this can be in terms of paint, wallpaper, desk pictures, lighting, etc.). Blue also minimizes stress, so you could be getting your work done faster and be in a relaxed state all at the same time.

Add a comfortable chair for spinal support

Another Feng Shui tip for a productive office or home space would comprise of the chair you sit on during the day. When you are sitting, your spine needs to have proper comfort and support. Energy flows through the spine and you can enhance your creativity and expression if you provide your back with a strong and supportive chair. Find one that fills your whole back and supports it in a firm way that makes you feel entirely relaxed while you are sitting in it.

The summary of the Feng Shui system is simple and effective: go at your own pace, create your personalized idea of convenience, and incorporate colorful tones and plants to warm up your given room space. In addition, you will be enhancing positivity, success, and equilibrium. Happy Feng Shuing!


LavitaWritten by: Levita Galinsky