Some fresh starts come in the shape of big, bold moves to new cities. Others are as simple as golden streams of morning light. Truthfully, every hour the clock ticks by is a fresh start because fresh starts are always a choice. We can pair today’s outfit with a saddlebag full of past mistakes or a crossbody containing a blank leather journal.

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Is a fresh start ever really possible? What do you say we try?

Face those fears

First things first. In order to embark on a journey to a fresh start, we need to look fear right in the eye. The only way we’ll be disappointed is if we never try. Truth be told, fear is nothing more than a bully. It holds us back, keeping us stuck in a pile of “what ifs” and “I wish I…”.

We can’t allow our fresh starts to be nothing more than false starts. After all, the odds are in our favor. Even if our plans turn out to be a royal disaster, we still have the choice of owning it and saying, “Well, at least I tried.” Not everyone can say that.

Starting over has an uncanny resemblance to a ten-foot wave. The only thing worse than watching a wave crash down on your head is getting snatched away by its riptide of regret.

Visualize your future

“One reliable way to boost motivation is to conjure a very vivid, real-life vision of a day in the future that will be made possible by achieving your goal.” –Andrew Carton

Vision boards are the best. These fanciful wish lists remind us why we’re doing this and where we’re going to end up. We have to motivate ourselves with the mindset that we can do this. We wouldn’t have had the thought in the first place if it wasn’t within the realm of possibility.

At this point, it’s worth surrendering to the fact that rejection might be possible. If it should come your way, don’t give up. Instead, accept it as an opportunity to explore a different approach and knock on a few new doors.

Make specific plans

Fresh starts require a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection. Look inside yourself; determine what you want. Write things down. Make your ideas tangible and visible.

If you want to enroll in a degree program, write down what you want to study. Where are those programs offered? Map out a specific path until you’re knocking on admissions’ door. As you progress, watch the words on your page float up and into reality.

Be good to yourself

Be good to yourself. Promise yourself that you will love and care for yourself enough to see this plan through. You devised it for a reason. You knew it was time for a new beginning.

Just like the fears we stomped out, we must also nix the thoughts that tap us on the shoulder and say, “You can’t do this. This is stupid.” You’re the shot-caller of your life – no one else. If you believe you can, then guess what? You already have everything you need.

Be realistic

Set yourself up for success. An alcoholic who bravely enters AA does not say, “Starting today, I will never touch another drop of whiskey again.” Instead, they say, “One day at a time.” Each day is a victory for them. They deal with one new beginning at a time.

That’s a nice way to approach your vision for a fresh start. Chip away at the glacier encasing your dream one day at a time. Don’t expect to rent a jack hammer and get right to the center of it in one day.

Get started, already!

If the catalyst behind a fresh start is proper perspective, then this must be something we can condition our minds to believe. New beginnings are offered to us all day every day and it’s up to us to accept them.

Whether it’s a small fresh start like putting a little less sugar in your coffee or a big fresh start like starting your own business, hopeful acceptance is the key that will start your engine.

Pack your bags, friends. A highway full of dreams is right outside your doorstep and they’ve just increased the speed limit to infinity.

Feature photo:
David Marcu