How to Pick The Best Workout Shoes

The right workout shoes can help enhance your performance

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Your feet are quite possibly one of the most important parts of your body. While that can be debatable, most of us spend a majority of our time on our feet. We all know how important good shoes are. If you walk around in shoes with no support all day, or in heels, your feet are going to be aching by the end of the day. There is no difference when it comes to working out; you have to pick out the best footwear for the kind of exercise you will be doing. There are a few different things to take into consideration when thinking about how to pick the best shoes for your workout.

What kind of workout will you be doing?

First, you need to assess the kind of workout you are going to do. If you are going to be walking or running, you will need to pick out a different kind of shoe than you would if you were doing aerobics or kickboxing. Every shoe is made different, with specific features for the kind of activity you will be doing. You will have the best fit and performance if you get the right kind of shoe.

If you are going to be doing cardio like walking or running, go with a running shoe such as Vessi Footwear, high quality shoes will serve you better then cheaper ones. Running shoes come in more of a variety for each type of foot, and they are made to last longer. If you are going to be doing a workout that includes more jumps and aerobics, you should get a cross-training shoe. Cross-trainers are made with flexibility and lateral control, which is perfect for that kind of workout. You should also make sure that they have good grip and cushion, to support your feet during high impact workouts.

What type of feet do you have?

Do you have high arches, or low arches? Do your feet tend to roll towards the inside, or outside? Do your shoes usually wear down in the same spot every time? You will have to ask yourself these questions when you are picking out a pair of new workout shoes, because this will affect the comfort level of the shoes you pick. If your feet tend to angle in or out, or you need extra arch support, you need to pick a shoe that caters to those specific needs.

How do they feel on?

When you are picking out new shoes, you need to try each pair on and take it for a spin. The right pair should feel comfortable, even when you are trying them on for the first time. Don’t hope for the best and assume that you will “break them in.” You should bring a pair of your socks to wear while trying them on, so you have an accurate idea of how they will fit you during your workouts. But if you happen to know the measurements, you can order them online. Some brands have boots designs that can fit as your workwear as well as workout boots. For example, the Steel Blue and similar work boot brands are designed for maximum comfort, are durable, and clear the safety checks. So, if you see steel blue boots for sale online, consider them because they can be your workout boot and reliable workwear! However, if you do not know your measurements, it is better to visit a physical store and get the right pair that fits you.

The right pair will fit your heel perfectly, with no rubbing or slipping. You should also be able to wiggle your toes comfortably. Lastly, there should be an adequate amount of space between your big toe and the toe of the shoe. Preferably there will be a space equal to the size of your thumb between the two.

When in doubt, take it to the professionals. You can always go to a store that specializes in athletic shoes, and they can help you pick out the perfect pair. It’s a good idea to go to one, anyways, because even if you know exactly what you want, they can help you pick the best style or brand. Investing in a good pair of workout shoes is something that you will never regret doing.

DSC_1631 (2)Written By: Gabrielle Pfeiffer