In autobiographies and memoirs, one of the things that readers love the most is the vulnerability of the author. Believe it or not, but their book can actually help them to sound like a normal human being, and readers love this. Even if they decide to look for ghostwriters near me to help edit or clean up their text, their own voice and vulnerability will still be portrayed to their audience, which will be appreciated. And even more so when the book is about a high-profile figure like Michelle Obama. Celebrities and politicians often seem so out of reach. And so, vulnerability helps us relate to them and connect with them on a deeper level.

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In her book, Becoming, Michelle Obama gets candid about her upbringing, marriage, and feelings about her life in the White House. During her time as First Lady, Michelle Obama inspired millions of people around the world thanks to her strength, grace, and her initiatives to promote physical and mental health and advocate for womens rights. Some interesting highlights from the Michelle Obama book are as follow:

Her Husband’s Decision To Run For President

She discusses her role as First Lady and where she explores the difficult moments in her marriage and her journey to becoming a mother make her more relatable to everyday people. She discussed how she and Barack kept work separate from home during their time in the White House. The only exception was the time when president specifically requested her presence in the middle of a workday: After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in which 26 people including 20 children were killed. She said that “When I walked into the Oval Office, Barack and I embraced silently. There was nothing to say. No words.”

Successful Marriages Have Their Challenges

Michelle Obama got real about the struggles of being a working mom, during the New York stop of her Becoming book tour. She admitted that she had a hard time balancing a full-time job as a lawyer with raising her daughters Sasha and Malia, while Barack Obama was on the campaign trail. Now, she is a lawyer turned author, sharing a story that millions of people want to read.

“Marriage still aint equal, yall. It aint equal. And I tell women that all the time. Nope, not at the same time. Thats a lie. And its not always enough to lean in, because that shit doesnt work all the time… And so then its time to go to marriage counseling.

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The Ups and Downs Of a Marriage

When you look at the Obamas, you probably think about relationship goals. However, it is important to know that even marriages that appear to be perfect on the outside, have their challenges. Talking about counseling, Michelle Obama shatters the stigma of looking for help to make a marriage work. For some people, it means a lot to be able to say: Im going counseling with my husband. You know, Michelle Obama did it too. It is reassuring. Of course, counseling doesn’t solve all marital issues and sometimes marriage does end in divorce, but as long as both parties try their best to make it work, no one can be blamed for its failure.

Talking About Counseling

In a recent interview with Oprah, Michelle Obama talked about counseling: “It was about me exploring my sense of happiness. What clicked in me was that I need support and I need some from him. But I needed to figure out how to build my life in a way that works for me.”

Miscarriage Happens to More Women Than You Think

Another stigma that affects women is related to miscarriages and the challenges that couples face to conceive. Also in this case, Michelle Obama gets vulnerable and reveals that the first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. After that painful episode, the couple began in vitro fertilization (IVF), and she eventually gave birth to Malia and Sasha Obama.

In the book, she writes: “A miscarriage is lonely, painful, and demoralizing almost on a cellular level. When you have one, you will likely mistake it for a personal failure, which it is not. What nobody tells you is that miscarriage happens all the time, to more women than you’d ever guess, given the relative silence around it.”

In summary, shattering stigmas around marriage and conceiving is probably the biggest takeaways from the Michelle Obama book Becoming. Women need to hear that they are not alone. Michelle Obama delivers a powerful message and inspires people, especially women, to become who they are meant to be.

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