I’ve heard so much about the Korean skincare routine in the past few years, have you? I feel like it’s featured on almost every natural beauty blog I read and I really had no clue what products I needed for it? Being a lover of all things Japanese and Korean, at a certain point, I had to try this routine, at least just to keep up with the trends. But with companies like Rojank, I’m not surprised that the obsession of Korean skincare continues! You can’t go wrong with it if you think about it. I’ve studied, done my research and two years ago I’ve embraced what I decided to call a challenge at that time. Two years later, I can definitely say with sureness that Im obsessed with the K-routine and I wont never go back to my previous beauty routine.

Korean skincare routineThe obsession with the Korean skincare routine and Korean make-up is now pretty serious all over the World! It all started with the BB Cream, then we experienced the cushions and the sheet masks, and what started on a small scale is now a recognized phenomenon. Google Trends explains very well what has been happening since 2015 and I guarantee it doesnt lie!

But why are women from all over the world so attracted by the Korean skincare? What do we find so irresistible? Lets find out! But first, let me explain in-depth how the Korean skincare works to make sure you perfectly understand everything. Ill introduce you a bit to the Korean routine, so if youre not an addict already, you will become very soon.

Basics of Korean Skincare

An infinite series of steps in the morning and in the evening, makes the Korean routine a bit exhausting and somewhat expensive. But in the end, this is also a reason why to me and millions of women its so fashionable.

In the morning, you need to:

  1. Wash your face with water
  2. Apply toner
  3. Apply essence
  4. Apply ampoule
  5. Apply serum
  6. Apply eye cream
  7. Apply moisturizer
  8. Apply sunscreen

Step 2: Toner Step 3: Essence Step 4: Ampoule

Step 5: Serum Step 6: Eye Cream Step 7: Moisturizer

Step 8: Sunscreen

In the evening, you need to:

  1. Wash your face with an oil-based cleanser
  2. Remove the cleanser with a water-based cleanser
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Apply toner
  5. Apply essence
  6. Apply ampoule
  7. Apply serum
  8. Apply eye cream
  9. Apply moisturizer
  10. 3 times a week also apply a sheet mask

Step 1: Wash w/ Cleanser Step 2: Remove Cleanser Step 3: Exfoliate

Step 4: Toner Step 5: Essence Step 6: Ampoule

Step 7: Serum Step 8: Eye Cream Step 9: Moisturizer

Step 10: Sheet Mask (3x/week)

Despite the amount of time and commitment required, more and more people are deeply in love with Korean skincare. But why?

It Takes Time and Requires Effort

In a stressed Western society like ours, taking time for ourselves is often seen as a waste of time, and very often we dont even have time. Following the overwhelming steps of the Korean routine, were forced to think about us every day. Taking good care of our skin also means were taking care of our lives, now and in the future. Korean skincare, in fact, concentrates on maintaining a healthy, well-hydrated and nourished skin environment, for results that last a lifetime. And lets be honest, we love it because the morning and night skincare rituals mean the start and end of our day. I see this routine as a start and end only for me, by me.

The Less is More Culture

Korean skincare routine
Photo: Pauline Mae De Leon

In Western culture, women use make-up to cover flaws with layers and layers of concealer and foundation. In the Korean culture, girls and women are taught to prevent instead of cover. Less aggressive make-up. Instead, use lighter and better products to keep skin radiant and healthy. Lets face it: if we think in-depth, this routine is actually a motivator to be healthy in all areas of our life. Well, this happened to me and I believe this has been a huge motivator.

It Makes You Always Feel Like a Baby

When you start using Korean products and following the Korean routine, your skin will blossom again no matter how old you are. Korean women have standards that are impossible to meet, but as soon as you start taking care of your skin, youll look different and, most of all, youll also feel different. Cleansing away impurities on your skin makes you feel like you’re cleansing away impurities in your soul going all the way back to childhood.

Products are Cute and Funny

Strictly related to the above point, Korean beauty products are refreshing in a world made of fancy and expensive packaging. Lip balms in a rabbit case, Pop Artworthy creams, funny face masks: this is the essence of Korean beauty. And having a Korean beauty experience is fun. The packaging is part of the routine, and the cuteness very often hides a beauty innovation. This means youre taking care of your skin but without taking it too seriously, at least apparently. Packaging today critically affects purchasing behavior, and K-beauty proves we all love to live a second childhood–or at least think we have a second chance. And also, that people seek light against the oddities of life. I do and I believe many many others do as well.

Its an Act of Love Overall

Korean skincare routine is a ritual, and it involves an in-depth knowledge of yourself. The more we do for ourselves, the more we self-preserve who we are and the community we are in. According to activist Audre Lorde, Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.?? So, perhaps thats why we can easily see K-beauty as a way to express ourselves, to facilitate the way we think of ourselves and how we interact with one another.

Its a way to empower women and, at the end of the day, having your skin under control makes you feel like you have your life under control. A Fashionista.com writer perfectly explains how the Korean skincare has helped against depression. Here’s the secret: It’s fun for me. I look forward to my morning and evening skincare routinesthey’re often my favorite parts of the day. Korean skincare rituals have helped me significantly in my constant struggle with depression??.

We are surely tempted to look at the Korean skincare routine as a way to achieve better skin, but I really see this routine as a way to take care of me, starting from the skin to reach the soul. Only in this way the expenditures, economically and in terms of time, make more than sense.

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  1. @Trinity Right? Love the idea of the “less is more” approach and taking the extra time to “care” for our outside all the while nurturing our inner soul. Makes us want to drop $500+ for all these products! 🙂

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