Whether you work from home, at one of the Vuka desks, or in the company office, it’s important that your workspace remains uncluttered to promote productivity. Marie Kondo has swept the nation with her now-famous method of tidying up and sparking joy. Its causing such a commotion on social media that she even has her own hashtag: #mykonmari. In a recent, exclusive interview with InStyle magazine, Kondo announced that she is writing another book called Joy at Work. This is her response to many work-related requests shes received since the launch of her Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

marie kondo method workspace tidying up book konmari
“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo (Hardcover, Amazon: $9.69)

So, perhaps youve already tidied up your living room. Now, if you’re ready to take your KonMari experience from home to work, Marie Kondo has a few pointers for you. Youll get rid of extra clutter, find a more efficient way to work, and yes even find what sparks joy on the desktop.

The KonMari Method at Work

Before you go throwing everything off your desk, its helpful to have an overview of how the KonMari method works. First, begin by dividing everything on your desk or in your space by category: books, paper, miscellaneous, and sentimental. Youll work through one category at a time until youve tackled them all.

For each category, pull all the items out and pile them up together. Then, handle each item individually and ask yourself, Does this spark joy? Kondo explains in an interview with The Pool that asking this question at work is a bit different than at home. She suggests asking instead, Does this contribute to making you feel good about yourself so that you do your job well?

If the answer is no, kindly thank the item and discard it (cue Ariana Grandes Thank U, Next). Put all remaining items back in an organized fashion. Move through each category this way until the process is complete.

7 Kondo-Tips for Tidying Up and Sparking Joy in Your Workspace

Do It All At Once

Kondo encourages you to address your entire desk and workspace all at one time. If you wait until you have free time or try to do it little by little, youll never get it done. Make it a priority and commit to the process.

Go Extra Minimal if You Work in THIS Environment

If you have an open-plan workspace, be extra minimal. Only keep the essentials on your desk. We’re talking computer, keyboard, mouse and pad, with maybe a sentimental item or two that makes you happy. If you wanted something personal but don’t want to clog up your workspace, why not check out these Custom Gaming Mouse Pads? These pads allow you to have something personalized on your desk as well as being extremely practical!

Team Up

Get your co-workers and boss on board to tidy up shared areas like break rooms and meeting spaces. Once they see how effective your workspace has become, they wont be hard to convince.

Address the Hot Mess of Cords Hiding Under Your Desk

Weve all seen the tangled mess of cords shoved in the desk drawer or stashed just out of site. Cords and chargers cant be avoided all together but should be put away when not in use. Koodo-Tip: use small bags to store individual cords to keep them from getting tangled.

Dont Forget Your Digital Space

Go through your inbox, computer files, calendar alerts, etc., using the same method. Kondo suggests clearing off your desk first so youre not distracted. Utilize things like labels and tags to keep your emails organized, and try to streamline as much as possible.

Get Your Books in a Row

marie kondo method books tidying up konmariAvoid clutter by lining books vertically across your desk or shelf instead of piling them up on top of each other. This not only keeps things looking tidy and organized, but also makes for much easier access.

No Stacking

Place things where you can see them, so you have a good overview of whats on your desk. That way, items can be accessed quickly and also put back more efficiently. This will help you maintain that freshly organized space.

In an interview with CNBC Kondo says, “By organizing, you hone your sensitivity to joy and you also clarify your sense of value. You can use that knowledge and ability to better enhance decision making skills to your own career, and really you’ll be able to better answer questions such as, ‘What am I looking for in my career?

Ultimately, taking the Marie Kondo method to your workspace will do more than just tidy up your space and create a more effective workflow. It will bring you a sense of clarity and purpose that will help you make better decisions about the future of your career. Suddenly youll be asking yourself does this spark joy? and you wont be talking about your paperweight, youll be talking about the work itself.