When you think of Marilyn Monroe, what comes to mind:  singing happy birthday to President Kennedy, tales of love affairs, busty blond bombshell photos, and those legs…  Yes, Marilyn is hot and attractive legend.  But, there is a little known secret of which most aren’t aware.  In addition to all tales that made her famous she was also into low carb dieting.  In fact, she may have created the ever-popular Atkins Diet!

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The Marilyn Monroe Diet

Marilyn Monroe consistently kept a healthy figure throughout her lime-lit life. Her sexy figure is so adored that she beat Kim Kardashian in a 2012 UK poll for the Top Beach Body of All Time.  You’d think she worked out harder than top fitness trainers and ate a super strict diet where you’d be lucky to even see a French fry.

Prepare to be surprised! Marilyn only spent 10 minutes every morning exercising with small weights and sometimes did some light jogging or yoga. She also frequently ate steak for dinner! How did she keep the world’s most coveted figure? Here might be a clue — she reveals her daily diet in Pageant Magazine’s September 1952 issue:

For breakfast, she placed two raw eggs into a glass of warm milk. This was her favorite breakfast when traveling. She skipped lunch.  For dinner, she had broiled steak, liver, or lamb chops. She loved eating her meat with raw carrots.

Marilyn herself said she preferred “extremely simple fare.” She bought her dinner meat from a market near her hotel instead of dining at lavish restaurants or enjoying room service. She’d then humbly cook her dinner using her room’s electric oven.

Photo: Gene Kornman / mptvimages.com

Was Marilyn Monroe’s Diet Really the Atkins Diet?

The Atkins Diet was created by Dr. Atkins in the 1960s, about a decade after Marilyn divulged her routine cuisine. Its three stages hinge on replacing most of your carb intake with protein and even fat. This means you can eat bacon, steak, and buttered chicken as long as you avoid bread, potatoes, or other carb-rich foods.

Sounds familiar? Marilyn’s eggs and milk breakfast are pretty fat-filled, protein-rich, but very low-carb. Luckily, Harvard scientists discovered the cholesterol in eggs doesn’t harm your heart in the long run.

Marilyn’s meat-and-carrots dinner is also high in protein, but low in carbs. It’s very much the Atkins Diet!

Compared to Marilyn’s diet, the Atkins Diet is more intricate with a three-step plan that first takes away almost all your carb intake, then slowly reintroduces a few carb-rich foods that your body can tolerate while still losing weight. But, they share the same basic principle: no carbs, more protein.

Was Marilyn Monroe such a natural at sex appeal that she instinctively followed what would be considered one of the most popular and effective diets of the 20th and 21st centuries? It certainly looks that way!

Safer Ways to Atkins

If you’re now inspired to follow Marilyn and go on the Atkins Diet in hopes of soon having a bombshell bikini body, play safe! Eating broiled steak every night and bacon and eggs in the morning might be bad for your heart in the long run, even if you’re losing inches around your waistline. Also, Harvard scientists found that eating red meat increases your risk for breast cancer.

You can still go on the Atkins Diet and avoid these potential dangers – just replace your meat with clean sources of protein. Here are a few that are protein-packed and even more nutritious than meat:

  • Mushrooms are rich in compounds that protect you from cancer and heart disease. They’re low-fat, low-carb, and high-protein.
  • Nut milks are rich in protein and healthy fats that protect your brain. Try Marilyn’s favorite breakfast with calcium-fortified nut milks – they taste just like regular milk but minus the unhealthy stuff!
  • Tofu is protein-rich, low-carb. and has rare minerals your body needs, like manganese, copper and selenium. It also gives you 25 percent of your daily calcium.

Marilyn Monroe may have invented the Atkins Diet a decade before it came out. You can try her daily regimen, but make sure to switch cancer-causing meat and milk with mushrooms and nut milks. Most importantly, both Marilyn’s and the Atkins Diet are lacking in healthy veggies! Add them to your daily diet – they’re low-carb and don’t violate the diet.

Photo credit: www.mptvimages.com


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