Mondays get a bad rap, sometimes for good reason. We don’t all have perfect jobs that we look forward to every week. And we certainly don’t like our weekends to come to such an abrupt halt. So how can you make that Sunday to Monday transition a little easier and get your week started on a happier note? These mindfulness tips will guide you through a peaceful Monday morning and carry you all the way to Friday.

Make Your Morning Routine Practical

A morning practice must be reasonable. If you work late nights, don’t try to set your alarm for the early morning dawn hours just because that is the most auspicious time.” Karen Prosen, MindBodyGreen

Morning routines are getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. People are catching on to the idea that the way we start our morning effects the rest of our day. Unfortunately, too many people are trying too hard to create the perfect morning routine. They choose times and activities that simply aren’t practical. As a result, they are just creating a more stressful start to their day.

Take some time to evaluate your morning routine and make sure it fits your personality and lifestyle.

Check Your Mindset

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge that you can’t control everything. No matter how perfectly planned your morning routine is, there will always be something that can go wrong. It’s how you handle those things that make all the difference. It is all about your mindset.

Here are three ways to cultivate a more open mindset to help you go with the flow of your morning and the rest of your day.

Morning Meditation

Rather than starting your day with urgency and jumping right to e-mails, exercise, or parental obligations, this 10-minute video will help you become aware of the sensations of waking and mindfully set an intention for the day.” Sonia Jones, founder of

Meditation is a powerful way to start your day. If you have never tried meditation before, start small. You don’t have to jump into an hour long meditation session to reap the benefits. Sonia Jones shares this 10-minute guided meditation with YogaJournal, and it’s a great place to start. Try it before jumping into any of your other morning activities and see the difference it makes in your day.

Think Before You Speak

Angie Johnsey, at, shares this great morning tip: “Practice pausing for a couple of seconds before speaking, making comments or answering or asking a question.”

If you can practice the habit of pausing first thing in the morning, you’re more likely to carry this habit through the rest of your day. Pausing before you react allows for time to process what is being communicated and to consider your own attitude before responding. This simple habit can completely transform your interactions and relationships. It will help you shift out of a reactive mindset and into a more proactive, mindful headspace.

Use a Mantra to Stay on Track

Using morning mantras to wake up purposeful and keeping a mindful practice as a daily (or somewhat routine) habit can enhance your quality of life and really make a difference in the day. What’s more, you can even channel that energy throughout the rest of the day, too, if your motivation starts to waver.” Isadora Baum, Certified Health Coach,

A mantra is simply a word, phrase or sentence that helps you stay focused or centered on an idea. You can repeat it mentally to yourself or write it on a note card you can see during the day. For example, using the mantra “go with the flow” can remind you that you can’t control everything and going with the flow can help you stay connected to mindfulness.

Isadora goes on to explain that “saying a few positive morning mantras could help you get back that desire for life and really impact your mood and energy.”

You don’t have to be controlled by the negative Monday narrative. Take control of your mornings and the rest of your week by adopting a practice of mindfulness. Remember that your morning routine will look unique to you and trying new things will help you cultivate a peaceful transition into your week.

We’re all in this together and who doesn’t want happier, more mindful Mondays? Give these tips a try and share your experience in the comments below!

Feature Photo: Emma Lopez / Unsplash


  1. Great post! I am usually good on Monday but something about the Monday after a great weekend with my family really had me dragging. I was struggling this morning and realized that I needed to get my mind right. I sat down and prayed (my meditation so to speak) and plan on taking a walk later today. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I used to view Monday morning as a dreaded event. Within the last few years, (and this might be because I’ve been able to live a more flexible life) I’ve been able to view as the start to something great. This new outlook has allowed me to forget about the name of the day of the week and focus on what I need to accomplish.

  3. @Meaghan – it’s so challenging after such a great weekend, right? Good job at finding those sweet things to help you get on track for the week. 🙂

  4. @Femi – I’m in a similar place! Trying to adjust the way I view Mondays in general so I’m not setting myself up for failure. Great work!

  5. @Melissa – Mondays can be rough, for sure! It’s been challenging to re-frame the way I think about Mondays… but it completely changes things once you do! 🙂

  6. @Erika – I’m so glad you found it helpful! Just take it one day at a time… implement little things here and there… and you’ll see it start to improve!

  7. Great post! We made over our morning routine this school year and it has made a HUGE impact in how our day gets started. No more rushing. No more rushing. No more stress. I seriously wish we’d done it earlier. The change we made is getting up 15 minutes earlier and rewarding my oldest son for getting himself ready. Major impact.

  8. Such great tips! I agree with all of them especially the mindset. I alays tell myself I can’t control everything around me except my attitude about Mondays.

  9. @Kathy – That is awesome! It’s amazing the difference 15 minutes can make, right? I’m always amazed by that. Mornings with kids can be so hectic, too. Good job at making positive adjustments!

  10. @Jenny – Thanks! Mindset is huge! I am constantly reminding myself of that… especially on days that don’t start off that great. We can always hit the “reset” button!

  11. I’m so guilty of just jumping right into to work in the morning – all the more easy to do when you work from home! I like your idea of having a positive mantra for the morning. That could really help me get off on the right foot and slow down to think about what I want to accomplish. Thanks for the tips.

  12. @Hayley – I am guilty of that as well! I have a tendency to hit the ground running. But when I take the time to be mindful and start out my morning with more purpose, I actually seem to be more productive throughout the day!

  13. I love these tips! I’m going to try to get up a bit earlier on Mondays, to have more time for meditation and centering myself. Such a great way to start the week!

  14. Love this post, I’m pinning it to come back because I want to check out the video you referenced! I’m totally on a mindset kick lately

  15. @Heather – you’re absolutely right! These mindfulness tips are great for starting the week, but can really work any day of the week. 🙂

  16. Yes yes yes! Daily meditation is a must for me and I always take time out before I say anything. Especially in an argument. Thanks for the advice!

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