Spring is not only a great time to spring clean your space and declutter, but also a great time to revisit your self-care and beauty routine. As part of this process, why not consider changing your hairstyle? This will give you a new fresh look for the warmer days heading our way.

To bring you the latest hairstyles and trends, we decided to talk to a beauty expert to give you tips on what’s hot and trending this year.  Also, as an added bonus, find out what’s not so hot and a favorite this year.  Kerry E. Yates, founder of Colour Collective, a go-to-source in the beauty industry, tells us these are the trends she is seeing:

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An exaggerated side part-line

Hair Styles

Instead of a center part, Yates says that a side part is something that is really being embraced these days. The key is to make sure the part is really exaggerated. Choose the best side for you, left or right, as long as it is an exaggerated part.  This look is good for any hair length, but its most dramatic with a sleek bob.

Mad about the bobby pin

This style takes some time but looks oh so cool. “I saw quite a few of the bobby-pin styles on the runways and I instantly fell in love with the idea,” says Yates. It’s the whole concept that we can create cool shapes with our hair with the strategic placement of just a few bobby pins. Bobby pins are perfectly retro and chic. This look is perfect for long and short hair as well.

Weekly sets of curls are making a comeback

Yates says that super straight hair is out and curls are back in. “Think Veronica Lake. Beautiful, smooth waves that curl perfectly around the face to highlight the face and gorgeous features,” she says. According to her, the weekly blowout is now being replaced by the weekly set of fabulous waves or smooth, loose curls.

While she has her favorite on-trend looks for spring, Yates also has her NOT-so-favorite looks too. On the top of that list? Bleach blond for men. This extreme, all-over, overly bleached hue is not a good look, according to her. Think Marilyn Monroe on a guy, she adds for a visual.

Celebrity hair artist Kendall Dorsey has his own idea of what’s hot for spring as well. He says, “2019 is the year of the blunt bob; it is chic, suits all face shapes and so many A-list celebs and my clients are moving towards this effortless cut. It’s the cleaner and more sophisticated sister of last year’s lob.”

Another trend he’s seeing with her clients? According to Dorsey, super long, dramatic hair is making a comeback. “It’s all about the glass hair this season,” he notes of the straight, extra shiny hair that everyone from Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Solange have sported recently. One final note for Doresey? “Healthy hair is in!”

To recap, parting your hair to the side is in style.  Pick up some cute bobby pins for your hair.  You might have to try them out a few time before you get it right.  Remember straight hair is out this season so try curls and waves for a sexy look.

Getting a new hairdo is a great way to practice self-care and boost your confidence.  Happy styling!

Photo credit: All images courtesy Pexels.com


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