January is traditionally a month when people start to focus on change. After all, the holiday season is over. Self-indulgence and relaxation has been enjoyed to the maximum. Now, it’s back to our normal routines. Of course, many people set new year resolutions. But, setting long term goals for the whole year would serve you better. It gives you a chance to make positive changes in your life to which you can actually stick and embrace. So whether you are thinking about moving and have already started looking into Houses for sale from Image Property or you are thinking about a career change, whatever you decide, making notes of what you aim to achieve throughout the year can make all the difference in fulfilling everything you set out to do.
What sort of goals should you be setting? Here are some big long term goals to consider.

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Is it time to change career?

Maybe this year is the year you will focus on your career. Perhaps your current job or career is not one that was meant to be long term. Yet, you find yourself on the same career path years down the line. Maybe you just dont love your job anymore–it happens to the best of us. So, a new career could be in sight. It might mean working towards new qualifications and taking on things like a msw degree online.? Or, it may mean that you should seek out new opportunities, or network to make some new contacts. Making the decision to finally focus on or change your career may be scary. But, overall, it’s worth considering, especially if you are not happy with the status quo. So, make it one of your long term goals to achieve your dream career.? focus setting long term goals

Is your health a concern?

Perhaps you are currently concerned about your health. Now is the time to set long term goals to? change your? lifestyle? for the better. It isnt always about losing weight or exercising more, although these two things can contribute greatly. Perhaps you want to change bad habits and give up smoking or drinking. Or, maybe you want to changing your mindset and think more positively. Whatever change you want to make to your lifestyle, now is the time to take the first step. Focus on the areas you want to change and the rest will follow.

Want financial stability?

Maybe this year is all about your finances. Perhaps you have some big goals you want to achieve, like buying a house for example. If you already own a property, then obviously this will be a lot easier as you can sell your current house to help you afford it (although you may need to look for fast bridging loans in case your house doesn’t sell quick enough). But if you don’t own a house, then you will need to save a lot more. So, a spotlight on your finances could be the ideal long term goal. It may be that you want to increase your savings this year, be it through investing some in the stock market (such as through https://www.sofi.com/invest/fractional-shares/) or by looking to cut back on spending elsewhere. Try to limit take out or dining out to once or twice per month. Save money by meal planning. Eat out less and focus on reducing the amount you spend. Your debts will certainly decrease as you concentrate on paying them off this year. You will have more money at your disposal to spend toward your long term purchase goals.

Is it your year of fun?

setting long term goals funFinally, perhaps this year isn’t necessarily about self-improvement. Maybe you just want to have a bit more fun, and why not? After all, life is too short. Perhaps travel is in the cards, and plan to do more of it this year. It could be that you want to set yourself a challenge, which might have something to do with fitness or overcoming fears. Whatever it is, just try and have a bit more fun this year. Life can get very serious very quickly, so we all need to enable to have some downtime or something to look forward to.

Lets hope these goals have given you some inspiration for this year. Whatever you pick as one of your long term goals, NOW is the time to get started.

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