Have you ever taken a proper ballroom dance class? There are many unique structures of workouts that stimulate reduced stress and ballroom dancing is no exception. Ballroom is a great form of expression among other things. Follow on below for the unique ways that you can benefit from ballroom dancing and enhance your overall lifestyle:

Reduce your stress level

Ballroom dancing is an exceptional way to reduce your stress level. Aside from the beautifully relaxing classical music in the background, the body movements with combinations so seamlessly put together essentially can help minimize your tension at the end of a long hard day. Your breathing slows down to match your body movement, therefore making you more in tune with your inner self. You essentially focus on your steps through your breathing. With each step you are combining intricate nerve groups to calm them down and release built up stress.

Burn off those calories

We are always in need of another good workout routine. Enter ballroom dancing. Whether you dance a sexy salsa or a slow waltz, you will be getting a distinctive workout to help melt off those pounds and gain muscle tone as a bonus. Through low impact intervals, you will be gaining stamina while burning off those stubborn calories. In addition, you will be improving your overall physical activity all the while learning how to be more coordinated, balanced, and flexible.

Get social!

When we are able to be open and socially interactive, we reap the benefits of enhancing our confidence. Ballroom dancing is a great opportunity to get social, get to know each other on a more personal level, and get more in tune with your own self-esteem. Through ballroom dancing and social interaction, you can also maximize your mental capacity by improving focus and concentration throughout. It’s a win-win-win!

Be more graceful

Aside from the more technical benefits of ballroom dancing, let’s not forget about the art form of it. At its core, ballroom strives to teach grace and poise. Through each movement, you are learning more and more about your own sense of artistry and are in essence, expressing yourself through your posture. Therefore, in addition to teamwork, ballroom enhances your overall physicality with an air of grace and elegance.

Learn about respect

Ballroom dancing is classic. There is no grinding or inappropriate touching. On the contrary, ballroom regards respect and manners. Through the “embrace hold” (the technical term for the hold position in ballroom between a man and a woman), you will learn how to better respect yourself and others with a touch of class.

The next time you want a relaxingly expressive hobby which also reduces stress, burns calories, and increases social interaction, consider taking a ballroom dance class. Your confidence level will rise and your graceful body will thank you.