We spend so much of our lives working. So, we really need to make sure that we are truly following our passion. Otherwise, work would feel like drudgery day in and day out. And, that is a not a way to live. Perhaps youve been in a job or career for a number of years, or have just returned to work after raising a family. But, are you doing something that you love? Does your current career give you the work and life balance that you are after? If the answer is no, then perhaps it’s time to think of plan B, a new career. This new career could be anything, you might want to go into marketing or you might simply want to become something like a realtor. If this is the case then the first thing you should make sure you do is get a realtor license first. Always make sure you know exactly what it is you need to do before you start your new career.

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Below are some real-life examples of women who have changed their lives by embarking into a whole new career. Essentially, not only did they improve their lives for the better, but they found their true passion. We hope these inspiring women will give you the encouragement to take a chance in starting over in a new venture.

Ella Mills (Deliciously Ella — From Modeling to Food)

Ella Mills, or Deliciously Ella as her brand is known, is making waves in the natural and plant-based food industry. Mills started out with a career in modeling. After being diagnosed with a crippling illness, she gave up modeling and moved towards the natural food industry. Ella Mills now has a blog, an app, cookbooks, a deli, and a range of food products. All of which revolve around natural and vegan foods. This was certainly an about turn for Mills. In one of her cookbooks, she describes how she is very surprised that she ultimately found a new career in the food industry. It was unexpected to say the least but has made her so much happier for it.

If you are contemplating a new start, perhaps in the food industry, there are wonderful ways to fulfill that dream. You can explore courses here at this natural food cooking school. There are options from natural food chef, to becoming a holistic nutritionist. If this interests you, then surely you will enjoy a new career in this field.

Jessica Alba (Actress and Co-Founder of The Honest Company)

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Starting her acting career at age 13, Jessica Alba charmed us in her early roles (TV show “Dark Angel”) to various films like “Fantastic Four” and “Good Luck Chuck.” While she still maintains an acting career, she decided to co-found The Honest Company in 2012. Inspired by the 2008 birth of her first child Honor and her own history of childhood illnesses, Alba wanted to create a company that provided a natural alternative to traditional baby products. So, because Alba was passionate about creating a healthy, natural and non-toxic life for her family, she was willing to take a chance. In 2014, The Honest Company was reportedly valued at around $1 billion dollars.

Josie Natori (Finance to Fashion)

In the 1970s, Josie Natori made waves in her career by becoming one of the first female vice presidents at the banking firm Merrill Lynch. Certainly, she was hard working and ambitious. But why leave her secure job in finance to start a new career in fashion? In a New York Times article (June 2009), Natori said, “After six years at Merrill I had become the first woman V.P. in corporate finance, but I was really bored. I wanted to be like my grandmother and have my own company. In retrospect, there was a creative side of me that needed fulfilling, too.” And so, in 1977, Natori founded The Natori Company. The company sells lingerie, nightwear, loungewear, ready-to-wear, underwear and other high-end women’s fashion to upscale department stores in the US, and to at least 15 countries internationally. So, even if you have on-paper a career that is successful, you can still change and do something you love. For Natori, it was to pursue creativity and entrepreneurship.

Lisa Kudrow (Biologist to Actress)

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2000 Glenn Weiner / mptvimages.com

We all know Lisa Kudrow from her rise to fame on the sitcom “Friends.” But, did you know that before she was an actor, she was a biologist? Kudrow received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Vassar College. It was a career she had for around eight years, working for her fathers company, before getting a break in Hollywood. Have a look at these tips here if you’re interested in being an actor. We are so thankful that Kudrow found a new career and pursued her passion of acting. Otherwise, we would never have our favorite “Phoebe” with whom we have all grown to love.

The change or switch to a new career might not happen overnight, and there will be lots to learn. Of course, youll need to work hard and stay motivated. But, ultimately you will be doing what you love. And that may be all the motivation you need.